Fitness Writer, Elite Daily

Editorial – Elite Daily
Elite Daily is seeking creative part-time Fitness Writers to contribute thoughtful content on fitness topics to the site’s Experiences vertical.

Writers should be passionate about health, interested in building and promoting body positivity and confidence in our readers, and ahead of the trends for all things fitness related. We’re looking for an out-of-the-box thinker who finds a simple list of yoga poses boring, who will always find a way to spice up a topic everyone is talking about, and who feels just as comfortable sifting through a scientific study as they do covering a viral Instagram post about self-care. An interest in regularly trying new workouts, testing the latest fitness/wellness products, and writing about those experiences is a plus.General article topics may include covering workout routines, celebrity health/fitness trends, healthy food regimens,andhow things like sleep and/or your period affect your fitness, mental health, overall lifestyle, etc. Having a particular area of fitness expertise/interest as well as the ability to consult with experts and influencers on a tight deadline is highly encouraged.

We’re looking for someone who can produce content about achieving a healthy body and a lifestyle our readers can feel confident in and proud of. Interested applicants should be interested in and passionate about supporting women find a healthy mental and physical lifestyle, not an unattainable one. Writers should bring a unique perspective and voice to their work.

Applications without a cover letter and pitches will not be considered.


    • A passion for and an ability to consistently pitch, brainstorm, and write about topics/angles related to fitness/healthy living
    • A strong sensitivity for and understanding of the way Elite Daily writes about and covers body positivity and body confidence
    • A strong voice and innovative ideas
    • 1-2+ years writing experience
    • Availability to work remotely at least three days a week during a 9-4 shift
    • Degree in English, journalism, communications, or related