Astrology Writer

Elite Daily is seeking a writer to help expand the site’s astrology, zodiac, and new age coverage. The right person should possess a strong understanding of astrology and the way planetary happenings affect the world, our emotions, and our unique individual star signs. Elite Daily readers are interested everything from how to snap the perfect solar eclipse picture for Instagram, to figuring out how compatible they are with their BFFs in the long-run, to understanding their own astrological birth charts.

The ideal candidate should have a strong and trusted knowledge of astrology and can also deliver content to our readers in a humorous, light-hearted, and factually accurate way. Candidates should be self-starters capable of producing witty, researched, and clean copy within under a deadline.

The position is part-time and remote.


    • Remain flexible while meeting deadlines
    • Work two or more shifts Monday-Friday
    • Write between three and four articles per day
    • Pitch angles and article ideas


    • A passion for delivering great zodiac, horoscope, and new-age content to millennials
    • A relevant degree and/or previous relevant writing experience
    • A deep understanding of astrology and how the stars and moon affect us
    • An ability to discover and identify newsworthy stories to create clever, funny, and unique angles
    • Fluency with images, GIFs, video, other forms of multimedia
    • SEO experience