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Editorial – Romper
UPDATE: Thank you so much for your interest in this position! Unfortunately, we have received several dozen applicants and have chosen to move forward with them at this time. That said, we encourage you to still apply to this position here. If we have additional openings, we will be in touch!

Romper is searching for a Lifestyle Writer to contribute coverage specifically about pregnancy, parenting, sex, maternity health, and beauty in the form of researched listicles and features with some light reporting. Applicants should also be comfortable writing holiday-related content (caption ideas, family-friendly activities to do, costume roundups, gift guides, etc depending on the holiday). Applicants do not need to be parents, but should have an interest in this field. Ideal applicants will be able to anticipate the types of stories and questions our audience may be researching.

A minimum commitment of at least two days per week is required (although 3-4 is preferred). Writers will work remotely during business hours.

Applications without a cover letter and pitches will not be considered.

Examples of stories include:
Are Babies Smart? They're Definitely Not Dumb. . .
What Induces Labor The Fastest? You Might Be Surprised 
How Long Will My Linea Nigra Last? It Doesn't Go Away Once Baby Is Born 
Is It OK If I Drank Alcohol Before I Knew I Was Pregnant? 
How To Increase Milk Supply Using A Smart Pump 
16 Halloween 2018 Costumes For Twin Babies & Kids That Are Double The Fun
10 Thoughtful Holiday 2018 Gifts For Moms, Because They're The Real-Life Superheroes
16 Hilarious Mother's Day Memes That Every Mom Will Get A Kick Out Of


    • Passion for covering maternity health, parenting, and pregnancy
    • At least 2+ years of writing experience (blogging counts!)
    • A strong voice and innovative ideas
    • Availability to work remotely at least 2-3 days a week


    • Write stories to appear on
    • Contribute specific lifestyle coverage
    • Contribute to team ideas and brainstorms