Supply Chain Manager

Paris /
Operations /
Full time

We are looking for a Supply Chain Manager to fully own our Restaurant Supply Chain operations.

3+ years of experience in the restaurant supply chain sector are required

Autonomous, proactive, keen to learn, able to work in a fast-paced environment, good communication skills

Remote work is possible as long as you are in a timezone of ± 2 hours from Paris (UTC+2)

You can also work in our office - currently located in Colombes (92025), soon moving to Gentilly (94037)

Offer: 45-55k EUR/year before taxes + BSPCE (equity)

[The offer depends on years of relevant experience. We have a clear and transparent salary system based on years of experience/skills/knowledge]

Welcome to Cala 👋

We believe that technology has the potential to bring immeasurable value to all areas of our lives - and yet its impact on what we eat has been unsatisfying. We are changing that.

What is Cala?

Cala is an expanding FoodTech company driven by a team of 20+ ultra-talented people working on creating a fully autonomous robotic Commis and managing the first of numerous revolutionary restaurants.

Today we operate 1 restaurant located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. Until the end of 2022, we plan to open 9 new restaurants in the Parisian area. To succeed in this ambitious challenge we need to radically reinforce, automatize and develop our supply chain. As the first member of the kitchen supply chain team, you will have a strong impact on our growth.

The supply chain function is at the heart of the business. You will contribute to the strategy of Cala and will be responsible for ad hoc, high-impact projects pertaining to all elements of Kitchen operations: designing and executing frameworks for improving the efficiency of our logistics network.

⛓️ As a Supply Chain Manager at Cala, you will

• Lead, improve, automatize and daily manage our multi-site stock management

• Guarantee products availability by managing products upstream and/or downstream flows

• Optimize procurement quantities and costs while guaranteeing a needed stock level

• Collaborate inside the Kitchen operations team and the wider business to manage cross-functional projects (Marketing, Software, Hardware etc.)

• Build up from scratch and source new tools to continuously improve kitchen operators work/restaurant sales planification / central kitchen food production planification

• Build up dashboards and reporting on performance of all Kitchen operations activities

• Negotiate and establish commercial conditions with our partners, based on key and evolutive criteria: cost, quality, logistics, CSR

• Leverage your experience and knowledge to identify areas of strategic interest and frame approaches to tackle them

• Conduct benchmarking (long-term, across markets and vs competition) to identify areas of opportunity

• Create levers to allow us to flex our meals proposition and constantly iterate on our restaurant's menu

• Actively seek problems to solve and provide quick go-to-kitchen solutions

🎨 Who you are

Experience & ownership: You already have strong experience in a supply chain or operations role ideally gathered in a scale-up environment. You have expertise in designing from scratch and executing frameworks. You act as a leader and you have a strong sense of commitment to projects and team responsibilities

Creative problem solver: You have strong problem-solving skills. You obsess with coming up with the best possible solutions to fit our internal or external stakeholders' needs. You know your knowledge gaps and know when to seek advice or additional information from your peers, the internet, or experts. You don't limit yourself to what's been done before.

Rationality and proactive feedback: You are comfortable in a fast-paced environment in which you'll need to make rational decisions on a daily basis. You can gather context before starting your work and proactively report your progress and hurdles to your peers and your managers. You are highly proficient in data analysis.

Project Manager: You know how to coordinate projects and bring them to life with strong attention to detail. You are a builder - able to deliver approaches, processes, tools, and structured change methodologies.

Inquisitive and forward-thinking: You know your stuff and are prepared to debate it to arrive at the best solution for Cala. Adaptable fixer, you are enthusiastic and flexible with the ability to remove barriers & bottlenecks via facilitation, creativity & resourcefulness. Don’t slavishly follow processes if they aren’t right.

Our mission is to make high-quality food more accessible

Historically, the Fast-food industry has done everything to reduce its food cost to cope with increasing real-estate and labor costs. We do the opposite. We use the productivity gains from our robot to invest in high-quality locally sourced ingredients, we prepare them carefully in insanely good and infinitely customizable recipes and serve them in a delightful customer-centric experience.

As a collection of individuals, we are deeply concerned by the climate crisis but we are also aware of the greenwashing that most companies use to oversell themselves so here are a few initiatives we took: There are vegetarian options every day in our restaurant, we take "lack of plastic wastes" as one of our criteria when designing systems for our robots, we source a majority of our ingredients locally, and we choose a more expensive but environmentally friendly transporter to deliver our home-made sauce to our restaurant.

Who you'll work with 🏀

We value speed a lot so we work in a project-oriented manner. Everyone is the owner of a specific project that they are in charge of delivering. They can gather input and help from other team members (engineers, marketing, kitchen...) and make decisions about how the project should be executed. They are also responsible for proactively communicating their progress to the rest of the team.

🍅 The Kitchen operations team

The food operations team will be split into 3 core functions:

the food identity is responsible for  designing and engineering the menu (food, pictures and text), food R&D and new recipe creation, sourcing high-quality and cost effective food products

the kitchen operations are responsible of food production, making sure that the restaurant is always stocked properly, maintaining hygiene and security high standards, kitchen operators hiring training and support and making sure the food quality in our restaurants is top-level

the supply chain is responsible for procurement and multi-site stock management

Interview process 📅

Introduction call 

(20 min)

This first step has 2 objectives: clarifying the opportunity by answering every question you might have about the company, the team, the product, the tech... And making sure that you have the right basic requirements for this role, discussing a few topics including key hard or soft skills and prior experiences.

In depth meeting


This second step goes in depth in your prior experiences to better understand what you are good at, what you don't want to do anymore and what you'd like to learn. We usually discuss the 3 most recent and relevant experiences you have.

Case study & meeting the team

(1 day)

In this third step, we invite you to our office to meet the team and do a case study. We use this day as a way to understand how you work and how your values align with those of the rest of the team. We also see it as an opportunity for you to meet your potential future colleagues and get an inside view of how we work.

Reference call

In this final step, we run a typical reference call process.