Embedded Software Engineering Lead [Robotics]

Paris /
Hardware /
Full time

We are looking for an Embedded Software Engineer to take full charge of our robot's Embedded software and electronics, leading a team of 4
4+ years of experience on real projects [Python], preferably in start-ups
Work in office - Gentilly (94250), close to Paris [occational remote is ok, full remote is not possible], flexible schedule
Full-time, CDI, Cadre
Offer: 60 000 - 85 000 EUR before taxes per year depending on the number of years of experience + BSPCE of 54 000 EUR.
[We have a clear and transparent salary system based on years of experience/skills/knowledge]
Start date: asap

Now, more details 👋

What's the company name?

Cala [ˈkɑːlə]

What's the company besides the name?

We are a [rapidly] expanding FoodTech company driven by a team of 27 ultra-talented people working on creating a fully autonomous pasta-cooking robot and managing the first of numerous revolutionary restaurants.

Same sentence, but shorter: we are making cool robots and selling great food.

Why are we hiring?

We want to have 28 ultra-talented people. Also, somebody mentioned rapid expansion.

Why even do all this? 🍝

Our mission is to make high-quality food more accessible. Historically, the Fast-food industry has done everything it could to reduce its food costs to cope with increasing real-estate and labor costs, but we do the opposite - we use the productivity gains from our robot to invest in high-quality locally sourced ingredients, we prepare them carefully in insanely good and infinitely customizable recipes and serve them in a delightful customer-centric experience. The software team is crucial for delivering this product to our customers.

What are our values?

1. We optimize for Long term, Positive, Measurable impact
We shy away from bullshit metrics and virtue signaling and instead focus on having an impact

2. We practice proactive transparency
We use transparency as the cornerstone of trust we build with our customers and the responsibility we build with our team

3. We use rational thinking
We use first-principle thinking to make informed decisions and deconstruct the status quo

4. We move step by step
We take Gall's law to heart: "All complex systems that work evolved from simpler systems that worked" and build failure and iteration as part of the process

5. We get hands-on
We move exceptionally fast by doing by approaching every problem asking "Can we do it ourselves?"

Who will I work with? 🦾

Our software team consists of 6 astonishing people: Nicolas, our Head of Software, Alexis, our Electronics Engineer, Martin, our Software Engineer, Thomas, our Mobile Developer, James, our Web Developer, and Ilias, our Software Intern. You would be managed directly by Nicolas and work closely with Alexis on robotic projects. Also, the software team is the best [don't tell that to the other teams].

What will I do?
Design the structure of the Embedded and electronics architecture of our robots
Develop the Embedded software of the robot [write software in Python and firmware for ST microcontrollers in C]
Recruit Hardware and Embedded software engineers to build a team, lead, coach and manage them
Find the right vendors and suppliers

What is needed to do this job?
4+ years of Embedded software development experience [mostly Python]
Experience working in cross-functional team on Software and Electronics subjects
Experience managing 2-3 [or more] people

Nice-to-haves, but not obligatory [we can teach you]
Electronics engineering experience [designing electronics schematics, PCBs, etc.]
Experience with C language

What is the interview process?

10-20 minute introduction call with Natalia, our Head of Talent. It can be done over the phone or via Google meets, and the goal is to confirm basic requirements and answer any of your questions [also, Natalia is the one writing this job post, so if you dislike it, you can use this opportunity to complain about it].
45-60 minute in-depth call with Nicolas, the Head of Software. As the name suggests, this call goes in-depth into your experiences, technical skills, and management techniques to better understand what you are good at, what you don't want to do anymore, and what you'd like to learn.

1 full day to do an in-office case study and meet the team. It usually lasts from 12.00 to 17.00, and we use this time to better evaluate your skillset and see how you deal with real tasks and questions. We also see it as an opportunity for you to meet your potential future colleagues and get an inside view of how we work. The case study is done strictly for interviewing purposes to access your capacity to do this job. We don't use case studies/their results and don't profit from them.

What are the hiring criteria?

The amount of relevant experience.
If you are interested, all you need to do is press the red button 'Apply for this job' and send us your CV. ❤️