Growth Marketer

Paris /
Marketing /
Full time

We are looking for a full-time Growth Marketer to help us expand the number of clients for our restaurant chain.
Fluency in French is required [writing and speaking]
Autonomous, proactive, keen to learn, creative, able to work in a fast-paced environment, good communication skills and, most importantly, experience in managing paid campaigns and CRM software, ideally for food industry
Work in office - Gentilly (94037), close to Paris
Offer: 35k-45k EUR before taxes per year depending on the years of experience + BSPCE (equity)
[We have a clear and transparent salary system]
Start date: asap

Welcome to Cala 👋

Cala is an expanding FoodTech company driven by a team of 20+ ultra-talented people working on creating a fully autonomous robotic Commis and managing the first of numerous revolutionary restaurants.

Our mission is to make high-quality food more accessible

Historically, the Fast-food industry has done everything it could to reduce its food costs to cope with increasing real-estate and labor costs. We do the opposite. We use the productivity gains from our robot to invest in high-quality locally sourced ingredients, we prepare them carefully in insanely good and infinitely customizable recipes and serve them in a delightful customer-centric experience.

Our work is structured around 5 core virtues:

We optimize for Long term, Positive, Measurable impact
- We shy away from bullshit metrics and virtue signaling and instead focus on having an impact.

We practice proactive transparency
- We use transparency as the cornerstone of trust we build with our customers and the responsibility we build with our team.

We use rational thinking
- We use first-principle thinking to make informed decisions and deconstruct the status quo.

We move step by step
- We take Gall's law to heart: "All complex systems that work evolved from simpler systems that worked" and build failure and iteration as part of the process.

We get hands-on
- We move exceptionally fast by doing by approaching every problem asking "Can we do it ourselves?"

Who you'll work with 🏀

The Marketing team
Tarik, our Head of marketing, and Maï-Linh, our Communications Manager.

What you'll do 🛠️

    • Paid media [fb ads, Google ads, Apple search ads...]
    • CRM Management & cross channel communications (w/ Moengage)
    • Mobile app acquisition & retention
    • Platforms management
    • Promotional operations
    • Website optimization
    • Analytics & reporting
Interview process 📅

Introduction call (20 min)
This first step has 2 objectives: clarifying the opportunity by answering every question you might have about the company, the team, the product, the tech; and making sure that you have the right basic requirements for this role, discussing a few topics including key hard or soft skills and prior experiences.

In-depth meeting (45-60min)
This second step goes in-depth in your prior experiences to better understand what you are good at, what you don't want to do anymore, and what you'd like to learn. We usually discuss the 3 most recent and relevant experiences you have and ask technical questions.

Case study & meeting the team (1 day)
In this third step, we invite you to our office to do the case study. We use this day as a way to understand how you work and how your values align with those of the rest of the team. We also see it as an opportunity for you to meet your potential future colleagues and get an inside view of how we work.

Reference call
In this final step, we run a typical reference call process.