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Software is eating the world - and AI is eating software. Just like the last two decades have seen software penetrate every industry and use case - the next two decades will see AI touch everything we do. And as more and more of the mission-critical systems that run our lives are entrusted to algorithms, reliability and safety become a real concern.

This is where Calypso comes in. We are building the first-ever security for AI solution.

We are looking for a Data Scientist to join our growing team. Calypso are building tools to help Data Scientist build and deploy reliable and secure models. As a key member of the Data Science team you will help to define and build these tools. In this role you will be required to read and contribute to cutting edge developments in adversarial machine learning, ML bias and fairness, model staleness and many other fascinating areas of research. You will read the latest papers and distill their core concept into product features and product direction. You will work closely with other Data Scientist and Software Engineers to deliver quality software products.


    • Engage closely with customers to understand requirements and influence product direction
    • Develop and implement novel ML assessment tests, work closely with software engineering team to deploy these tests to product
    • Contribute to product vision
    • Study latest papers in around ML security and reliability.

Minimum Qualifications

    • PhD degree with 2 years of professional experience or a Masters degree and 4+ years of experience
    • 3+ years of experience of building machine learning production machine learning products
    • Expert Python programming skills
    • 3+ years programming in a collaborative or open-source setting
    • Familiarity with common ML libraries and deep learning frameworks
    • Excellent communication skills

Preferred Qualifications

    • Ability to distill informal customer requirements into problem definitions, dealing with ambiguity and competing objectives
    • Extensive knowledge and practical experience in several of the following areas: machine learning, statistics, deep learning and NLP
    • Track record of scientific publications in premier journals and conferences
    • Experience with Adversarial ML or Bias and Fairness in ML