Senior Robotics Engineer

San Francisco, CA /
Product & Engineering /
Canvas is bringing automation to the construction industry. Our mission is to leverage technology to empower current trade workers to be dramatically more productive and free from repetitive, physically taxing, and dangerous tasks. Our small but growing team has spent the past two years engineering and developing a brand new type of machine and are now deploying on commercial job sites. We need a skilled Senior Robotics Engineer who is inspired by all the challenges that come along with iterating on a game changing tool. 

This person will play a key role in defining how robots behave on a construction site by guiding algorithm development and implementation for our robotic construction platform. You will be responsible for the creation and deployment of behaviors from concept through implementation and testing. This includes researching state of the art approaches, early prototyping, integration into the software stack, and debugging on the hardware. As a senior member of the robotics team you will have visibility across the engineering units and effectively coordinate debugging efforts on the full system.

A main focus of this position will be implementing control systems and planning algorithms for a self-driving mobile robot. Experience developing production navigation technologies, bringing up and debugging new hardware, and integrating new sensing/state estimation methods is highly desired. 


    • Develop and integrate mobile robot self-navigation technology, including low-level control systems, path planning algorithms and higher level behaviors
    • Work closely with the rest of the team, supporting other areas of development
    • In charge of testing new algorithms and code on the hardware.
    • Point person in identifying issues with the platform and coordinating with the engineering team during the debugging and revision process.

Required Skills

    • Experience with control algorithms
    • Experience with path planning and mobile robot navigation
    • Hands on experience writing software to control physical systems
    • Industry experience building and delivering production code
    • Strong linear algebra skills
    • ROS experience
    • C++ and Python in a Linux environment 
    • Software fundamentals (iteration, data structure, object oriented programming, bits and bytes)
In addition, experience in building an Ackermann control system as well as deploying a commercial robotic system would be a plus.