Site Support Engineer

San Francisco, CA /
Product & Engineering /
We are looking for a highly adaptive candidate to help us take our product’s performance on construction sites to the next level. Your role will be to support our machine operators while they are deployed on site with our technology. We have a relatively comprehensive remote support system that will allow you to monitor multiple machines and operators across multiple locations simultaneously. You will be responsible for helping our operators maximize their uptime by assisting them through machine issues that pop up on site. You will also be responsible for communicating these issues back to the product team so that we can find long term solutions. In addition to these responsibilities, you will be collecting data about productivity and downtime in the field and fashioning this data into reports for the company. Lastly, some of your time will be spent improving our processes around site support, bug reporting and productivity analyses, as well as creating tools to support our operators (such as troubleshooting guides, SOP documents, etc).


    • Remotely monitor multiple machines and operators across multiple locations to maximize machine uptime
    • Work with operators to find quick solutions for site issues, allowing our crew to deliver work to our customers on time
    • Clearly communicate information about site bugs and their impact to the product team such that long term solutions can be found
    • Improve our field bug reporting process and maintain good documentation about bugs
    • Compile information about site downtime and create high level reports for the company
    • Assist in machine productivity analyses
    • Be a voice for product safety in the field
    • Create tools to support our operators and engineers, such as troubleshooting guides, SOP documents, etc.
    • Continually improve our site support procedures to more effectively support our team in the field


    • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or related field, or equivalent work experience
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
    • Ability to work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines and ability to stay calm under pressure.
    • Process-oriented mindset - always looking for ways to make a process more efficient, repeatable, scalable and automated
    • Strong organizational skills and detail-oriented 
    • Experience breaking down problems and coming up with solutions on short timelines
    • Proficient computer skills in Google Suite
    • Expected to work typical construction site hours [6am-2pm PT].