Sr. Manager of Marketing Automation & Data Science

Redwood City
This position will be highly involved with the day to day decisions of the Marketing and Sales organization. The Sr. Manager of Marketing Automation & Data Science will use data to help better understand customers by analyzing data produced by various programs, and campaigns. Using predictive analytics to understand future growth, the position will help optimize marketing programs and build targeted sales campaigns to help increase the ROI of the investments the company makes in these areas.    


    • Create and manage data flows through incoming data sources and ensure correct mapping to Salesforce, Tableau, and Pardot.
    • Create and manage a lead scoring program with focus on rapid response and engagement.
    • Document the current lead flow process and outline the integration of all relevant systems.
    • Work closely with the Inside Sales and Sales Operations teams to identify gaps in current processes and systems, focusing on the enhancement of sales productivity.
    • Improve data integrity through data cleansing, list segmentation, data alignment and implementing process and workflow improvements.
    • Contribute to department roadmaps for marketing operations processes - campaign workflows, email program planning and deployment, A/B tests, lead nurture, lead scoring, and progressive profiling
    • Combine great data analytics skills with strong business acumen to provide insights that will drive continued success
    • Work with development resources to troubleshoot issues and advance data integration for our automation platform
    • Mine large data sets using sophisticated analytical techniques to generate insights and inform business decisions
    • Communicate with both technical and non-technical audiences, building a business case, translating analytic results into usable learnings and actions
    • Set up and contribute to the optimization of list segmentation, scheduling, and related activities including but not limited to template builds, calls-to-action, personalization, and related workflows

Required skills and experience we look for:

    • 7-10 years in a similar role, with demonstrated success administering marketing automation platforms for lead nurturing/routing and analytics
    • Strong familiarity and experience with Salesforce, Tableau, and Pardot
    • Ability to develop and deliver presentations succinctly and effectively, communicating technical ideas to non-technical audiences, to influence and enable strategic and operational decision making
    • Able to provide strategic insights into marketing campaigns, create dashboards detailing lead scoring, conversion rates, and other metrics
    • Broad knowledge of predictive analytic techniques and statistical diagnostics of models
    • Experience in model building and working with large datasets

General Qualities we look for:

    • Ambitious Nature - Desire to grow with us to reach new heights
    • Fast Moving and Decisive – Makes informed decisions and takes action
    • Good work/life balance – Work hard then recharge
    • Flexible and able to pivot when it makes sense
    • Collaborative – Plays well with others to achieve a goal
    • Hands-on – Ready to roll up your sleeves and dive in to get things done
    • Curious – Passionate about learning new things daily
    • Autonomous and Entrepreneurial