Production Technician

Redwood City
Business Development
Working at the intersection of hardware, software and molecular science, we are committed to delivering on the promise of 3D printing, enabling commercial customers to go beyond basic prototyping to 3D manufacturing. Our company is built on the idea that diverse fields of study must come together to solve intractable problems. We have grand ambitions to create technology that will influence industry around the world. You will be joining a diverse team with a vibrant culture, where team success is as important as celebrating individual contributions.

Help us change the world and we will help you change yours.

About the Position
As a member of the Production Development team here at Carbon, you will be working directly with our revolutionary 3D printing technology. The PDEV team acts as Carbon’s internal service bureau. We print test parts for prospective customers, test new materials, software and hardware, provide support for our existing customers and communicate our insights from all this work back into Carbon.

A Production Technician works primarily in our lab where you will be responsible for running our printers: You will prepare printers for printing, start print jobs, clean the printed parts and then prepare the printers again. You must be comfortable with handling multiple tasks at once in a fast-paced and deadline-driven environment. Our materials, hardware, software and processes are constantly evolving, so be prepared to work with tools that are still in development. You will be working closely with our Production Specialists who prepare the digital models for printing and who will work side by side with you in the lab.

This position will likely evolve into a second shift where work will start in the afternoon and continue into the  night.

About You
You are good with your hands and can work with small objects precisely. You are an innately curious self-starter, able to follow a known path as needed but comfortable blazing your own trail when necessary. Precision and quality are more than just requirements for this position: they are points of pride for you. You believe a job done well is more important than just getting it done. Fine tuning a process through iteration is something that you have done before and enjoy doing. Ideally, you have experience working in a 3d printing service bureau running SLA or DLP based printers. Perhaps you have experience molding and casting so you have worked with silicones and urethanes.


    • Printer preparation: Cleaning the printer and accessories and Dispensing liquid resin
    • Printing: Triaging jobs and Printing queued jobs
    • Part washing: Removing liquid resin from printed parts using various tools and processes /Removing support structures from part as needed
    • Part curing: Curing parts after finishing
    • Reporting: Report on progress and observations about new software, hardware, etc.
    • Maintaining lab cleanliness


    • Strong communication skills
    • Experience running equipment in a production environment
    • Model making or equivalent experience that demonstrates fine motor skills
    • Attention to detail
    • Enthusiastic learner

Preferred Skills:

    • DLP or SLA 3D printing service bureau experience
    • Experience with 3D modeling or CAD software