Software Engineer

Redwood City
Engineering -- Software
Working at the intersection of hardware, software, and molecular science, we are committed to delivering on the promise of 3D printing, enabling commercial customers to go beyond basic prototyping to 3D manufacturing.

Our company is built on the idea that when diverse fields of study come together, we are able to solve challenging problems. We have grand dreams to build technology that will influence industries around the world. You will be joining a diverse team with a dynamic culture, where team success is as important as celebrating individual contributions.

At Carbon, we build and test all software from the ground up, from firmware to rich browser-based UIs to multiphysics simulations to algorithmic part design. All of our printers are internet-connected, and we’re building out a rich set of server-side capabilities to extend printer functionality and help manage our growing fleet.

For this role, we're looking for extremely strong "generalists" who have built complex, high-performance systems and are comfortable up and down the Linux stack. Sample projects could include: precision control of high-performance digital projectors; security and encryption architectures; and algorithms to analyze and process large 3D models. Proficiency with C++ is a must.

Key Responsibilities

    • Able to write large software components from scratch
    • Design and implement novel data structures and algorithms to solve hard problems in a distributed compute setting


    • 5+ years of experience in the design, development and deployment of highly reliable software systems
    • Be comfortable working on *nix systems, with C/C++ and scripting languages
    • Able to effectively optimize code paths across many software components
    • Champion and help implement software engineering best practices like continuous builds, tests etc.
    • BS or MS degree in Computer Science or equivalent
Carbon is an equal opportunity employer.