Engineer Education Specialist

Redwood City
Working at the intersection of hardware, software and molecular science, Carbon is committed to delivering on the promise of 3D printing, enabling commercial customers to go beyond basic prototyping to 3D manufacturing.  Carbon is built on the idea that diverse fields of study must come together to solve intractable problems.  

The Carbon Education team is responsible for technical documentation and the creation of all training materials for Carbon’s end-to-end process.  This includes documentation and training for key customer partnership application projects.  The Education Team provides education and training to all our Carbon customers all over the world.  We also provide technical education and training to all Carbon employees. Training is delivered via a convenient, 24/7 accessible, online learning management software called “Carbon Academy”. The Education Team also hosts hands-on process training at Carbon’s Headquarter several times a month for customers and employees. 

Major Responsibilities:

    • Help with the creation of the Design for DLS Certification and training program.
    • Lead engineer for training DLS Design to Carbon customers and design firms globally.
    • Manage the creation of advanced production curriculum.
    • Design and model new hands-on training implements 
    • Assist with advanced training at Carbon Headquarters (Redwood City, CA) and also Carbon Atlanta (Atlanta, GA).

Relevant Experience & Qualities:

    • Extensive Carbon end-to-end technical experience (Printing, Orientation & Supports, and material properties.
    • Design for DLS experience.
    • Experience with technical training.
    • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to rapidly learn innovative 

Preferred Experience:

    • Experience with 3D printers or other additive manufacturing techniques
    • Experience writing technical documentation/curriculum
    • Design experience, Design or DLS is preferred.
    • Bachelor’s Degree or higher