Technoeconomic / Energy Systems Analyst

Pasadena, CA /
Technology Development /
Full Time
Interested in working with a groundbreaking company that’s focused on decarbonizing the atmosphere?

Founded in 2019, CarbonCapture is a California-based climate tech company that makes modular machines that can be connected in large arrays to capture massive amounts of CO2 directly from the atmosphere. CarbonCapture was created at Idealab, a leading technology incubator.

The Technoeconomic/Energy Systems Analyst will combine engineering and financial knowledge to develop technoeconomic and lifecycle models, perform economic feasibility analyses and optimizations, and contribute to publications and documentation. This role primarily involves working with the systems development team to quantify the cost trade-offs of strategic options but will also interface with business development efforts for evaluating the carbon capture and sequestration market as a whole.

Key accountabilities:

    • Technoeconomic modeling: conduct techno-economic and life-cycle modeling describing the system and viability of novel technological pathways; perform case studies, sensitivity analyses, and optimizations to achieve overall cost reductions within the system model; weight and communicate trade-offs in design to inform engineering development
    • Engineering assessment: conduct due diligence for potential partners based on engineering assessments; perform technical competitive analyses; develop up-front capital cost targets and estimations for project sizing
    • Market research: present expert knowledge on the overall carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration market; perform long-term financial and economic evaluation to inform technical and business strategy
    • Publications: author reports, presentations, funding proposals, patents, and other publications that involve the gathering and organization of engineering data and quantifying and describing their impact


    • B.S. or M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or a relevant engineering degree with 4 years of industry experience conducting technoeconomic modeling for chemical processes and/or energy systems
    • Professional knowledge and understanding of thermodynamics and engineering fundamentals, with ability to solve analytical problems related to energy usage and plant optimization from first principles
    • Strong engineering instincts and general understanding of major system operation and relevant manufacturing processes; ability to anticipate, communicate, and appropriately account for secondary engineering tradeoffs and risks in system model development
    • Proven writing and communication ability, attention to detail, and consistent quality of work appropriate for preparing material for a broad external audience
    • Knowledge of ASPEN Process Economic Analyzer, and familiarity other industry economic and life cycle estimation tools
    • Strong organizational abilities to manage many various cases and scenarios; flexibility to adapt to modeling both rough, quick estimates for establishing development priorities and detailed, reliable models for finalizing project specifications
    • Adaptability to a start-up environment, capability to take initiative, develop own tasks and timelines, and solve broad, ambiguous problems with limited direct technical oversight

Desirable experience:

    • Cross-functional experience in 1) chemical process and energy system engineering and analysis and 2) business and financial development
    • Experience working with large-volume part costing and sourcing
    • Experience with chemical process optimization and related industry tools (e.g., ASPEN HYSIS)
    • Demonstrated ability to perform simulation-based studies for cost and energy optimization
    • Prior experience in the carbon capture industry is a plus
Must be able to provide proof of US-approved Covid-19 full vaccination status, unless otherwise exempted by an approved reasonable medical or religious accommodation from CarbonCapture.