Head of Risk

San Francisco, California
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Managing credit and fraud risk is core to what we do at Cardless, and as Head of Risk you will be responsible for the leadership and oversight of our risk systems and team.

There a few key "jobs to be done" for this role:

(1) Application decisioning

We have built an embedded lending platform that sources credit card applicants to several card products from across our partner's businesses, and utilizes our partners' resources and customer relationships to inform our underwriting decisions. This platform includes credit bureau integrations, fraud vendors, a rules engine, and manual review (risk ops). 
As part of your role you'll oversee the models and underwriting techniques we deploy through this platform, as well as work closely with our design, engineering, compliance, legal, and capital markets teams to continually improve how the system functions.

(2) Transaction decisioning

Applications are the first key flow of our business. The second is the humble credit card transaction. Here you'll be responsible for overseeing the system that monitors transactions, declines (and sometimes freezes) those we believe to be fraudulent, weighing the tradeoff between customer convenience / ease and risk management. You'll also work closely with our customer service team to optimize the customer experience as much as possible (no legitimate customer likes it when their card is declined, or account is frozen!)

(3) Portfolio monitoring

Critical to managing a credit card book is ongoing monitoring of the portfolio, and making adjustments where needed to adequately manage risk. This is a critical part of maintaining a healthy book.

(4) Issuing & lending partnerships

Cardless is a technology company, not a bank. That means we have to work closely with bank(s) and lenders to power our credit card products. As part of your role, you'll be responsible for the health of those partnerships — at least as it pertains to credit and fraud risk! This means preparing materials for regular meetings with those partners, adjusting policies as needed based on their feedback, etc...

In taking on this role you’ll also be a leader at our company more broadly. You’ll be encouraged and expected to weigh in on company strategy, including our product roadmap, the brands we choose to partner with, our capital stack, our culture and organization building plan, and much more.


    • Have at least 8 years of experience in consumer lending risk management, including experience across credit and fraud, and with card products specifically
    • Experience working at a technology company, and the collaboration with engineering and product that comes with it!
    • Experience hiring and building a team — any leader can be evaluated in large part by the quality and impact of the team they build
    • Technical and quantitative experience (e.g. querying large datasets in SQL and model building in Python, SAS, or R)
    • Strong communication skills — an ability to communicate technical Risk concepts to a non-technical audience verbally and in writing for a variety of non-Risk stakeholders (i.e. Operations, Engineering, Legal, Compliance, Boards, and leadership teams)
$200,000 - $275,000 a year
Plus, equity and benefits. Actual compensation is influenced by a wide array of factors including but not limited to skills, experience, and specific work location.