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Who we are:
Cardless is a credit card company. We help brands launch custom cobrand credit card products. We handle the program creation, card underwriting, lending, issuance, and top-notch customer service, while brands focus on delivering rewards truly valuable to their superfan cardholders.

We recently raised a Series A, and things are getting serious.

In the 18 months since our founding, we have assembled all of the partnerships needed to launch, hired engineering, compliance, and operational teams, secured strong funding, and have built the foundations for an iconic brand.

We’re confident about what we’ve built so far, but we know it can be better. Which brings us to your role...

What we’re looking for:
We’re looking for our first Product hire to join our 12-person team. You should have a proven track record of dreaming up, speccing, and launching interesting consumer-facing products.  (That’s at least three years, or two excellent and well-loved products.) At a fintech or other regulated company? Fantastic.

You’ll need a firm grasp of fundamental product management disciplines: customer interviews, feature prioritization, roadmap planning, resource allocation, pricing and revenue modeling.

We’re looking for an excellent communicator. In particular, with customers and on their behalf, as we set our roadmap and bring new features to life.
We’re looking for someone excited by a bit of uncertainty - particularly in bringing it to an antiquated industry.

Some things to note:
It’s hard to overstate the impact you’ll have on our product, design culture, and company trajectory. This should excite you just as much as it excites us.

First time’s the charm
This is our first product hire. Which means, standards are high. There’s something very special about being the first product hire at a company like ours. You should understand this and take this to heart. This is in no way an entry-level position.

Cardless questions the way things are and find holes in the status quo. We provide unusually good support and resources for employees, and an unusually meaningful autonomy at every level. You should thrive in such an environment. 

We’re a technical company. You should be pretty good at understanding the technical implications of product decisions, and vice-versa.
About us:
Cardless was founded in February 2019 by Michael Spelfogel and Scott Kazmierowicz (ex-Stanford CS / Data Science, ex-Lyft, ex-Visa, ex-Goldman) and is backed by top VCs including Accomplice, Greycroft, Clocktower Ventures, as well as founders of Plaid, Plastiq, SeatGeek, Flatiron Health, and FiveStars. We believe the future of financial services is cardless. Our name reflects the advanced technologies we work with everyday to make managing and moving money safer, easier, and more rewarding for everyone.