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We’re on a mission to build solutions for the next generation of commerce. Ultimately we enable developers and platforms to make commerce seamless by connecting them to millions of merchants and billions of products with a single API. 

Carted will power commerce experiences anywhere on the internet, allowing developers and content creators to build a direct checkout of any product from any merchant via any content on the web. Read here to find out about the problems we're solving, how we’re solving them, and most importantly, what sets us apart from the status quo. Click here to see how we architected our codebase to meet our ambitious goals.

We are looking a for Machine Learning Engineer to join our team and help us solve data-driven problems at Petabyte scale!


    • Python, TensorFlow/PyTorch
    • NLP (problems include entity extraction, intent classification, sentence classification)
    • Awareness of the current state of research in the domain (representation learning) and comfortable with implementing new ideas when needed
    • Machine learning solution engineering experience with any of the following cloud service providers: Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services
    • Distributed training of deep neural networks (some architectures including but not limited to BERT, RoBERTa, etc.) for large datasets using GPUs and or TPUs
    • Handling unstructured data (images, text, audio)
    • Shell scripts
    • Docker and Kubernetes
    • Exposing ML models as gRPC/RESTful APIs or with fully managed and serverless systems
    • Deployed at least one ML model that is currently in production
We are a well-funded, fast-growing startup with people around the globe. You will have autonomy and ownership of the work you do, with flexible hours.

Worklife balance - We believe in a healthy and happy you, and a huge part of that is work/life balance. We focus on output rather than hours of working.
Holiday! - Holiday is called holiday at Carted and NEVER ‘annual leave’. Holiday is your time and we want you to enjoy it. We offer a generous amount of time off! No one is rewarded at Carted for spending time in the office, so do not ever feel like you can’t take time off. It should help you achieve better results in the long term.
Carter leave - There are some days where you just need to take some time for yourself to rest and recharge. On top of our holiday leave we also give you Carter days, where you can take some time and put your wellbeing first.
Diversity - We’re dedicated to hiring diverse talent, and we ensure that we treat you with respect and support once you join Carted. We embrace diversity and strive to create conditions that provide everyone with an equal opportunity to thrive.
Transparency — We won't always get it right. When we get it wrong, we'll admit and learn why. We default to working in the open, allowing everyone to understand context and contribute. We’re open about both our strengths and weaknesses.
Training and Development - We want to invest in your personal and professional development so we provide an allowance for you to up-skill and further your knowledge.
Annual budget to fly around the world to work with other Carters! We provide you with a budget per year for you to travel to any city where a Carter is located.
A team of smart individuals - We bring people in who will raise the bar. We foster an environment that is constantly learning and trying new things. Carted is a place that is safe to fail and try again. We promise that passion and energy will never be lost in what we do.

We like to learn quickly, do things differently and most importantly... have fun! 🎉