Bartender, Hank's

Palisades Village

Job Responsibilities

    • Provides a pleasant drinking experience to customers.
    • Serves drinks while maintaining a clean and sanitary bar area.
    • Attends to the detail and presentation of each order.
    • Prepares and maintains ingredients by following recipes.
    • Adheres to proper alcohol handling, sanitation, and safety procedures, and maintains appropriate dating, labeling, and rotation of all beverage items.
    • Coordinates daily supply inventory for bar and submits orders to supervisor; assists with receipt of deliveries.
    • Contributes to daily, holiday, and theme drink menus in collaboration with supervisor.
    • Ensures smooth operation of bar services during absence of supervisor.
    • Completes cleaning according to daily and weekly schedules, including dishwashing as needed.
    • Assists with orienting new employees to their work area.
    • Listens to customer complaints and suggestions and resolves complaints.
    • Instructs personnel in use of new equipment and cleaning methods and provides efficient and effective methods of maintaining work area.
    • Participates in and/or contributes to programs, committees, or projects designed to improve quality of service and employee productivity.


    • Demonstrated knowledge of and skill in ability to safely and effectively operate standard beverage service equipment
    • Adaptability
    • Decision-making
    • Customer service
    • Oral communication
    • Planning, problem solving, and teamwork
    • Developing budgets
    • Self-motivated
    • High energy Level
    • Multi-tasking


    • High school diploma or GED
    • Minimum two (2) years of bar or restaurant experience to include drink preparation
    • Current beverage service certification
    • Familiar with point-of-sale computers and software
    • Comfortable using a computer, navigating Windows, Microsoft Office, and Outlook Email