2020 Summer Intern Program

Corporate Headquarters
Various Departments
Caruso offers a selective and challenging Summer Intern Experience for college/university students. The program runs full-time for 8 weeks, beginning in June, and provides an opportunity for students to have a realistic job preview of work responsibilities inherent to a multifaceted real estate development company. Participants gain exposure to a variety of departments and interface with Caruso team members, including Senior Executive Management and the CEO. Caruso maintains an innovative and entrepreneurial atmosphere which affords each intern the chance to complete meaningful work while contributing actionable ideas and suggestions to the organization.

OPPORTUNITIES - Depending on the needs of the organization and its departments, opportunities may vary. In general, positions are available in the following areas:

    • Legal
    • Finance
    • Technology
    • Human Resources
    • Development
    • Operations – Hospitality
    • PR
    • Property Marketing
    • Digital/Social
    • Strategic Alliance and Entertainment
    • Creative, Property Operations
    • Security
    • Leasing
    • Strategy


    • Program lasts 8 weeks and will commence in early June, 2020.
    • Hours per week: Full time, 40 hours per week


    • Training and Development
    • Orientation week kicks off our program.  You will learn about how our business operates, company history, meet our Executive team, tour our properties and much more!
    • Main Assignment
    • Each Intern will spend approximately 30-32 hours per week with their assigned department working on various projects, participating in meetings and contributing to the team.
    • Group Project
    • Each Intern will be assigned to a peer team to work on group research projects selected by the Company. At the end of each research period, each team will complete a formal presentation of their ideas during a management meeting. Eight (8) hours each week are allotted to work on the project.
    • Management/Project Meetings/Special Events
    • Interns will be given the opportunity to participate in various management project meetings and/or special events, depending on availability and subject matter.
Our unique, highly respected internship program encourages students to play an integral role in high-level projects across the entire company and contribute directly to the success of the organization as a whole.