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Are you curious to join the Cascade team, but do not see an active role that fits what you're looking for? Apply below.


Join Cascade Climate, a new global nonprofit accelerating progress in interventions, technologies + markets that harness earth’s natural systems to stabilize our climate. Over the past few months we’ve assembled a stellar founding team, lined up large initial investments from philanthropic backers including the Grantham Foundation and Quadrature Climate Foundation, and begun to establish Cascade as a leading voice in open system climate interventions.

We care most about you—your capabilities and mindsets—than about your exact background. Do you consistently show up with humility and contagious curiosity? Do you independently learn new things quickly and hungrily? Can you operate without a roadmap that’s been handed to you—tackling ambiguous problems and quickly imposing your own framework and structured plan? Are people wowed by the quality of written and analytical outputs you produce? 

If you want to join our team but don't see an active listing that fits what you're looking for, please apply here!