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Caseware is one of Canada's original Fintech companies, having led the global audit and accounting software industry for over 30 years, with more than 500,000 users across 130 countries and available in 16 different languages. While you might not have heard of us (yet) over 36,000 accounting and audit professionals list Caseware as a skill on their LinkedIn profiles!

As Caseware continues to evolve with new technologies, we are always looking to innovate and bring the efficiencies of Cloud-based solutions to our customers. As a Product Manager, you are responsible for the work undertaken by the Cloud Engagements team. Working closely with your team of developers, you will have the crucial responsibility of keeping the squad focused on building innovative solutions that transform the future of the Audit and Accounting profession. You will be a part of our larger Ecosystem team, which is responsible for building a platform for the development of innovative Apps for Auditors and Accountants encompassing Audit and Assurance, Financial Reporting, and Tax. The Ecosystem Team is a welcoming team that values everyone’s inputs and ideas.

As a Product Manager, you will be providing direction to our Cloud platform. You will be responsible for taking corporate strategy and executing on it while working with our high-profile customers and key accounts. Our platform is global and serves clients all over the world but most key accounts are located in North America.

As a Product Manager, you will be expected to identify the problems that high-profile customers are facing and work with the team to build a platform. Based on the feedback collected over the years, there is already a well-defined set of problems that we have, and we need someone who can execute on solving them. You will also work with distributors who localize and create products based on our Cloud platform.

We need someone who can provide value for our distributors and ensure that the platform is successful in South Africa, Australia, the Netherlands, etc. As a Product Manager, you will be expected to solve multiple problem statements and ensure that large firms are getting value from our platform.

The job profile requires a great communicator who can interact with high-profile customers, partners, and senior executives, and has experience working with key strategic accounts. They should be able to work with leaders who manage large teams of 500-2000 people and be comfortable handling challenging projects. The ideal candidate should have a technical background with experience in Cloud platforms, APIs, Authentication, and Security Management. Experience working with Cloud SaaS products and experience managing or building APIs s a hard requirement.

If you are passionate about working in a fast-paced environment and have a proven track record of driving product success, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity!

You’ll be reporting into: 
Vijayesh Nair - Head of Product, Platforms

And working alongside 
Kartik Narayanan - Product Owner
Craig Thorvardson - Development Manager 
Marlene Aubin - UX Design Manager 

Chengeer Lee - Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

What you will be doing:

    • Contribute to and champion the product vision and strategy
    • Manage, plan and coordinate the development of new products and enhancements of existing products.
    • Determine roadmaps for new products and product enhancements considering priority, customer needs, financial limitations, staffing requirements and availability of resources.
    • Regularly evangelize the strategy so all stakeholders are aligned, have enough context to make informed decisions, and understand where we are going.
    • Be the champion and voice of customers. Build strong relationships with our global partners and customers. Bring the customer's voice into the product creation process. Drive for the best customer experience possible. 
    • Be a rock for the team - shield the squad from temporary distractions to ensure that we work on items that are strategically important.
    • Work closely with UX and developers to ideate, test and deliver requirements to the squad. Own the delivery. You’ll be working closely with your development and design peers to build solutions to pressing customer problems. 
    • Foster an environment that promotes innovation. Think beyond what the customer is asking for and design what the customer hasn't even considered.
    • Lead and participate in Agile scrum meetings and drive solutions to completion, working with Agile teams. Work closely and support the squad through the execution. 
    • Manage the intake of items to the team’s backlog, supporting customer’s enhancement requests, support tickets, new items and more. 
    • Collaborate across teams. We win or lose as a team.
    • Assist commercial and marketing teams with the GoToMarket strategy and product launches.
    • Determine metrics that should be used to measure the success of both the sprint, initiatives and the overall product.
    • Take a keen interest in becoming an expert on the domain, the market, and key trends relevant to Caseware. Always look out for process improvement opportunities both within and outside of your squad.

Snapshot of problems you’ll be solving:

    • Building an API stack on Caseware Cloud to allow customers to integrate with other systems used.
    • Helping firms be more productive in managing their practice.
    • Work closely with our top strategic customers to transition their practice to the Cloud.

What you’ll bring:

    • Experience working as a product manager.
    • You are passionate about technology, and how to use it to solve the problems faced by auditors and accountants.
    • You are a highly motivated & proactive contributor. You don’t wait to be told what to do.
    • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. Build the right relationship with your customers, distributors and colleagues.
    • A collaborative, team-first attitude is essential to the job.
    • A nice to have - contributing to the development or adoption of new technology within a public accounting firm.
What's in it for you?

Working in this role offers several exciting benefits for you. Firstly, you will be working with a product that is guaranteed to grow exponentially, which is a rare and fantastic opportunity. This product is a Rocketship, and you can expect very high and stable growth over the next several years, with an expected 500k+ users in the next 2 years.

You will also be part of a stellar team consisting of the best-in-class engineers, designers, and product professionals who are dedicated to creating a top-notch product. The company is on a great mission, and you will have the chance to contribute to a meaningful cause.

Additionally, you will be working for a company that is backed by a strong investor - a private equity firm Hg - with an impressive portfolio and an excellent reputation. This investment support means that you can expect the company to have a solid financial foundation and a bright future. Overall, this is an excellent opportunity for you to be part of a successful and mission-driven team, working on an innovative product with significant growth potential.

About Caseware

Caseware's cutting-edge software products are meticulously designed for accounting firms, corporations, and governments. Our teams are continually collaborating, innovating, and building upon our existing suite of products. With a customer-focused mindset, we are building technology that is shaping what the future of audits, financial reporting, and financial data analytics will look like.

With a recent strategic investment from Hg Capital in 2020, Caseware is now in its next major growth phase as we double down on the people and products that have made Caseware so successful to date.

One of Caseware's core values is Many Voices, One Team and with that in mind, we're dedicated to building teams as diverse as our customers in an equitable and inclusive way. We welcome and encourage candidates of all backgrounds to apply. Should you require accommodations or have any questions at any point during the application or interview process, please e-mail our People Operations team at

Any candidates successful in obtaining an offer for a position will need to successfully complete a background check through which typically includes an Identity Verification and Criminal Record Check. Executives and Senior Managers will undergo a Soft Credit Check as well.