Senior Systems Engineer – Combat Systems

Dahlgren, Virginia
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    • Ten (10) years general experience as defined above. (Naval engineering or combat systems engineering)
    • Ten (10) years specific experience. (this is as a Systems Engineer)
    • Specialized experience in conducting detailed, complex engineering activities associated with engineering systems, capabilities, and activities.
    • Demonstrated experience with functional and system level requirements analysis, requirements generation and technical community review.
    • Demonstrated experience with system engineering design, performance, analysis, operational experience for military applications.
    • Demonstrated experience in the development of system engineering including the definition, functional allocation, design development, testing, integration, and operational performance.
    • Demonstrated experience with development of total system solutions that acknowledge technical, schedule, and cost constraints.


    • Requirements Analysis and Management: Conduct comprehensive functional and system-level requirements analysis. Generate requirements documentation and lead technical community reviews to ensure alignment with strategic objectives and operational needs.
    • System Design and Engineering: Spearhead the system engineering process including the definition, functional allocation, and design development of naval and combat systems. Ensure designs meet operational, performance, and cost criteria.
    • Performance Analysis: Execute detailed performance analysis of system components and the overall system. Identify areas for improvement and recommend solutions to enhance military applications' effectiveness and efficiency.
    • Operational Experience Integration: Leverage demonstrated operational experience to inform system designs, ensuring practical applicability and effectiveness in real-world military operations.
    • System Integration and Testing: Lead the integration of complex systems and conduct rigorous testing protocols to validate functionality, reliability, and compliance with specifications. Manage troubleshooting and resolution of integration issues.
    • Project Management: Oversee project timelines, budgets, and resources, ensuring the successful delivery of system engineering projects within technical, schedule, and cost constraints. Communicate progress and challenges to stakeholders effectively.
    • Collaboration and Leadership: Collaborate with cross-functional teams including software engineers, hardware engineers, analysts, and project managers. Provide mentorship and guidance to junior engineers and technical staff.
    • Innovation and Continuous Improvement: Stay abreast of emerging technologies and methodologies in naval and combat systems engineering. Propose innovative solutions and improvements to existing systems, enhancing capability, durability, and cost-effectiveness.
    • Documentation and Reporting: Prepare comprehensive documentation including system design, test plans, and operational manuals. Report on system status, milestones, and operational performance metrics to senior management and stakeholders.
    • Compliance and Standards: Ensure all engineering activities and systems comply with relevant regulations, standards, and best practices. Participate in external audits and assessments as required.
Cask is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, age, status as a protected veteran, among other things, or status a qualified individual with a disability.