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At Castle, we're on a mission to protect online users against hackers and bots. Our vision is to be the easiest and most developer friendly way of adding user account security processes to your platform. Using our APIs, companies can track user interactions to figure out when accounts have been compromised as well as giving their users the ability to recover their accounts eg. by sending out an email notification or text message.

Why join us
Castle has compelling, challenging problems to solve, and a team of great people to work with. As a part of a company that is building something truly valuable to customers, you'll get the chance to see your work be used hundreds of millions of people, and will learn and develop your skills due to the scale of the traffic and customers we support. Castle is also rare in its focus on our people — you'll see that reflected in everything we do, from our values to our benefits, to the way we work together. Inclusion is something we've thought about since the company's founding.

You will get to

    • Join a sales team of ten where you will have an important impact on our sales processes from a technical standpoint
    • Demonstrate solutions to prospect CISOs, CTOs, and VPs, simulating an attack, detection, and response (e.g. bot activity, credential stuffing, suspicious transactions, spam registrations) to help determine both business and technical fit
    • Investigate customer authentication flows (steps involved in generating, passing, and validating credentials such as JWTs, username and password, client ID and secret, authorization codes, and session cookies) to customize JSON configurations of Castle's Cloudflare worker for "codeless" integrations
    • Lead the pre-sales engineering process, with regular collaboration and support from post-sales, data science, and development engineers
    • Address technical integration requirements pertaining to multi-regional/national services and compliance with information security and development operations teams, supporting the broader defense of end-users alongside Castle's solutions
    • Strategize custom risk policies with our customer's engineering, security, and fraud prevention teams for issues ranging from automated ATO attacks to gift card fraud based on adaptive learning models and industry-specific insights

You will also get to

    • Consult Castle's product teams focused on threat intelligence, developer experience, and user onboarding to provide technical feedback from the field and weigh in on triage for feature development
    • Work with the internal infrastructure team to anticipate scaling requirements for 100s of millions of users
    • Present live talks and webinars to development operations, information security, and merchant risk audiences at remote conferences
    • Support sales enablement by training Castle employees in information security fundamentals in order to boost product knowledge, technical acumen, and confidence when supporting CISOs and security practitioners
    • Write security and developer-oriented content to bolster practitioner-led growth

You bring

    • Experience in development, operations, security, or any combination that has given you responsibility for the security, performance, and reliability of web or mobile applications in production.
    • Skills using dev tools or client proxies such as Wireshark or Burp Suite to analyze HTTP requests, debug API and routing issues, and search through network traffic for specific data.
    • Knowledge of RegEx, basic JavaScript syntax, JSON, and the performance implications of serving JS files.
    • Experience working with sales representatives of varying levels of experience on large enterprise deals
    • Awareness of modern cloud architecture, including CDNs, multi-regional deployment, and other security measures such as DDoS mitigation and WAFs
    • The ability to accept constant change in a progressive startup and pivot skill sets to move the business forward
    • A willingness to work collaboratively across different teams within Castle on various elements to help prospects and existing customers adopt and leverage our technology

You might also have

    • Experience working directly with CISOs, CTOs, and VPs of Security, Fraud, or Engineering
    • Experience creating or configuring Cloudflare workers, as well as other edge providers (Fastly, Akamai, AWS CloudFront)
    • Security certifications from accredited bodies and vendors such as ISC2, CompTIA, ISACA, CSA, Offensive Security, GIAC, AWS, Azure, Google
    • Experience of using objection handling techniques with prospects and existing clients
    • Experience dealing with multiple prospect engagements across multiple industry verticals and work to progress deals through the pipeline in a timely manner

Our benefits

    • Flexible vacation – take time off when you need it
    • 10 year post-termination option exercise window vs the industry standard 90 days
    • 100% medical/vision/dental insurance coverage
    • Paid parental leave
    • Work From Home package
    • 401k with matching up to 6% 
Castle has a positive, inclusive, and supportive culture and the folks we seek are passionate about evolving it. Creating a place of belonging for all individuals is part of our core ethos, and we are committed to fostering a safe and productive environment where everyone can do their best work. Together, we aim to be humble, hardworking, solution-oriented and, above all, good team players who get things done. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply even if your experience doesn't precisely match the job description.

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