Account Lead - Institutional BD

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We are looking for an experienced individual capable of managing relationships with institutional asset managers and asset originators. Further, we're seeking an individual with the experience of navigating complex, nuanced sales cycles and has comfort with credit markets, DeFi technology, and the desire to help traditional financial organizations understand the world of blockchain and the future of financial infrastructure and technology.

About Centrifuge

Tinlake has over $15m in TVL, with major features in the coming months to exponentially expand our growth.
Our team is a self-managed organization of 20 (and growing) that gives you plenty of space to experiment and fit into the roles that excite you the most. We value diversity, which is reflected in our team. We host regular off-sites (post-covid) and offer office space in Berlin / New York.

Proven, sales executive

    • Be the first point of contact for the institutional market and Centrifuge;
    • Heavily focused on the institutional asset origination (supply) side of the market, but equally comfortable speaking with credit financing and alternative asset lenders/funds of all shapes and sizes;
    • Proven ability to prospect, find, and source best fit customers / partners at existing company;
    • Ability to manage multiple conversations threads, multiple decision makers, and a robust pipeline of potential new partners
    • Undeterred by "no" -- a compassionate and relentless desire to understand the "why" behind every decision and every action
    • Goal-oriented, numbers-driven, and process-oriented --> evidence by past performance, a disciplined daily approach, and evidenced by predictable, timely, and consistent performance
    • Desire to "scale yourself" and grow the processes above and beyond a single individual -- determined to understand the markets needs, our value proposition, and the most efficient and effective ways to deliver value for our market participants.
    • Willing to go above and beyond to serve market participants and excited by the prospect of a truly global potential market and the time zones and personal demands that requires

Understanding of traditional financial institutions, markets, and fintech

    • You have experience in explaining technologically complicated products to sophisticated end-users
    • You have an understanding of common financial products such as collateralized lending
    • Have worked in companies and markets that require deep understanding of customer objectives, financial lingo, and know well the interplay between financial institutions and financial technology
    • Familiar with macro markets trends and broad financial patterns, as well as the basics of asset financing, trade / supply chain finance, and global credit markets

Passionate about the mission of Defi and the future of blockchain

    • You are passionate about blockchain, have used DeFi dApps before and believe in the opportunity of decentralization and blockchains to change how the financial world works today.
    • You have an interest in working in a self organizing environment and bring creativity to start your own initiatives within Centrifuge
    • Expecting the inevitable pushback, doubt, fear, and uncertainty that comes with a de-centralized, permission-less financial market, you're prepared to engage with empathy and education to bring the brightest, largest, and most successful CeFi Financial Institutions into Decentralized Finance.

Hungry, humble, and aware

    • You're hungry: at every moment in your professional life driven to grow the world's understanding of DeFi, Centrifuge, and the opportunity before us to transform global financial markets.
    • You're humble: as an experienced sales executive, who has worked in financial and technology markets, you know how difficult the climb is to understand the benefits of DeFi to traditional CeFi institutions
    • You're aware: the mission of Centrifuge is rewarding -- and risky; you're motivated by this push and pull and committed to taking that risk to help financial markets, market participants, and your colleagues --- share in that reward.