Operations Director

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Full Time
We are looking for someone that is experienced in balancing the inevitable tensions between marketplace dynamics, customer expectations, and product development. This role sits within Centrifuge's business development group, but the mandate of the role is much broader Tinlake, Centrifuge's dApp for decentralized asset financing. This role has to manage the inevitable growth of Tinlake, alongside the resourcing / focus of our product organization, and think creatively and strategically to manage growth without enhancing risk to the protocol and TVL. Specifically, with the continued rapid growth of Tinlake, this candidate should be able to assess risk and consider alternatives paths to grow the protocol above and beyond the immediate team, while optimizing our internal process, systems, and onboarding efforts to create a great customer experience while we work towards better products, market participation, and services for Tinlake partners.

About Centrifuge

Tinlake has over $22m in TVL, with major features in the coming months to exponentially expand our growth.
Our team is a self-managed organization of 25 (and growing) that gives you plenty of space to experiment and fit into the roles that excite you the most. We value diversity, which is reflected in our team. We host regular off-sites (post-covid) and offer office space in Berlin / New York.

Multiple-disciplined, singular focus

    • Responsible for manually optimizing, process automating, and finally product scaling solutions that improve the quality of assets (TVL) and the experience partners have on Tinlake.
    • Should be able to simultaneously balance the demands of Tinlake, Product & Dev resourcing, and Structured Finance considerations to develop a holistic view on risk of assets, quality of funds, and integrity of Issuers being launched through Tinlake
    • Ability to develop scalable processes for onboarding Assets, creating a wonderful experience for Issuers, and a vision towards balancing assets<>capital ratios within individual pools, and more broadly on Tinlake

Tech-driven, operationally sound

    • Should have a deep understanding of technology, product development processes, and understanding to assess resourcing limits and prioritization demands of engineering organizations
    • Creative in using operations and systems to develop processes that scale customer experience and product adoption in lieu of new products being delivered to users
    • Metrics-focused, goal-led, and process-oriented thinking drive disciplined actions and behavior that starts with this position and permeates throughout the business and into the user experience

Financially trained, credit knowledge

    • Demonstrates and understanding of credit, collateralized lending, and an ability to easily comprehend translating the world of traditional finance into Tinlake pools
    • Ability to assess risk, and more importantly - the credibility and reputation of the Issuer/Sponsor behind such asset originators
    • Desire to learn more about the world of credit, leveraging your past experience and insights, to create a scalable process to assess risk across Tinlake to raise the bar on asset quality
    • Work with legal to stand up potentially different legal structures for different types of assets and operationalize the process

Role & responsibilities

    • Measure pool performance and figure out evaluation criteria for expanding relationship with existing asset originators and issuers financing through Tinlake
    • Evaluate different product options: single pools/grouped pools according to asset type or other parameters in terms of market need and risk measurements
    • Create information packets and FAQs for each customer persona group in order to have a base repository of client-facing documents
    • Maintain relationships with existing asset originators and institutional asset managers so as to expand TVL, structure new deals based on evolving client needs, and receive referrals and recommendations
    • Balancing so many alternative views, the position requires collaboration and a proactive desire to discover user problems and delights in an ability to solve them before the user is aware
    • Diligent in documentation and creating alignment through internal communication around customer feedback, user journeys, and frameworks to help Centrifuge see the world through a customer-centric lens