Business Operation Specialist

HR Team /
Full-time /
Direct applicants only. Please note that we are not seeking assistance from recruiters, headhunters, or agencies for this position.

If you've ever envisioned yourself at the forefront of AI and Web3 innovation, then Cere offers the perfect opportunity to transform that vision into reality. 

Cere is a cutting-edge Web3 data infrastructure scale-up seeking someone who is not just looking for a job but wants to be challenged to accomplish great things in an exciting venture.

You will be challenged to take ownership of key operational areas within our business, focusing on driving efficiency and effectiveness in our processes. Your role is important in managing the day-to-day business and administrative tasks, including streamlined operations process, bookkeeping, and handling of financial paperwork. This role is pivotal in ensuring our operations run smoothly and aligns with our strategic vision.

About Cere Network

Since its launch in 2019, the Cere team has consistently anticipated the difficulties that the present systems would encounter, now highlighted by the swift advancements of AI and the accompanying surge in data. With companies using multiple vendors causing data fragmentation that complicates AI integration, Cere is presenting itself as an objective, open-source solution with a clear vision: All data should be decentralized. Unequivocally.

Cere is backed by the world’s largest institutions and projects, including Binance Labs, Republic Labs, and Polygon. For more info, see:

Our Ethos

At Cere, we're not just hiring for roles but seeking a specific blend of qualities.
We value those who excel in our fast-paced environment, embracing methodical, simulation-driven development and a first-principle thinking approach.

Our team members uphold high standards, discipline and a growth mindset that fuels ongoing learning and process refinement. Exceptional written communication is a must, as we rely on tools like Notion, Slack, and Wiki to ensure organized, transparent collaboration.

We prioritize autonomy and goal orientation, fostering a culture of accountability and transparency. Our ecosystem thrives on supportive, challenge-driven teamwork, a driving force behind Cere’s rapid innovation.

We're drawn to individuals with character, high standards, and the ability to build and optimize efficient habits. A growth mindset and commitment to collective success underscore our team dynamics as we aim to nurture a larger ecosystem of collaboration and progress.


- Be a key and valued member of our HR and finance team.
- Streamlining and implementing operational and business processes. This involves ensuring that all procedures are followed meticulously and everything is conducted in an organized manner.
- Handling all administrative tasks, including collecting invoices, managing paperwork, and inputting data for bookkeeping purposes.
- Managing day-to-day financial operations of the business.
- Collaborating to review existing policies, identify areas needing adjustment, formulate new policies, and ensure their effective implementation and enforcement within the business.
- Work closely with your teammates within the HR  team to plan and execute key tasks and projects.
- The responsibilities are endless and will be tailored to your experience and interest in deepening your knowledge in the area.


- Minimum of 2 years experience in Business Operation.
- Web3 / Blockchain / Cryptocurrency company experience is preferred but not essential.
- Ability to take direction but also be relatively self-sufficient.
- Basic knowledge of financial management and expertise in handling business financial tasks.
- Smooth communication, presentation, and attention to detail are traits.
- Effective time management, prioritisation and escalation methods.
- Basic knowledge of employment-related laws and regulations within Europe.
- Ability to quickly learn the organisation's software tools (Lever, Notion, others).
- Experience working in a remote-first setting.
- Desired locations: Warsaw or Berlin.

A bit more about our Multinational, High-Performance (and primarily remote) Team

Join a highly talented multicultural team based all over the world, including Berlin, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Warsaw. As stated above, we make remote working possible by embracing our ethos, yet many teams also travel to meet in person every 1-2 months. We all want high degrees of autonomy and flexibility to make life and work fun, but transparency, accountability/ownership are the requisites.