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About us

Character’s mission is to give everyone on earth access to their own deeply personalized superintelligence that helps them live their best lives.

We’re an AI startup building the next generation of dialog agents, with a long-tail of applications spanning entertainment, education, general question-answering and others.
Achieving our mission will require solving ambitious technical challenges, including engineering, research, and design, and we are assembling a world-class team to do so. Our founding team includes AI pioneers from Google Brain and Meta Research whose research has led to major breakthroughs in natural language understanding and dialog applications such as Transformers and Google LaMDA.

Check out our beta to get a glimpse into the future.

About the role
Data is the lifeblood of our effort – all of our research engineers are closely involved in data collection. We’re looking for imaginative and savvy engineers with a passion for collecting and organizing data. This includes developing scalable data pipelines to ingest, clean and transform data from a variety of sources as well as building infrastructure to enable efficient storing and retrieval of data for training and inference.

You might be a good fit if you
- Have experience with large-scale datasets using distributed databases and systems.
- Have experience implementing ETL pipelines for data collection, data curation, and filtering
- Have experience with cloud providers.

Character is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, disability or any other legally protected status. We value diversity and encourage applicants from a range of backgrounds to apply.