Product Testing Assistant

Mahwah, NJ /
Chefman – Culinary /
Full Time
About Chefman

Chefman is one of North America’s leading brands of small kitchen appliances. We are in love with great food and we are inspired to empower ordinary people all over the world to create restaurant quality dishes while enjoying an easy-to-follow and user-friendly experience.

Key Focus for Chefman

Our motto is “Cooking Forward.” Every product we develop takes the home chef to the next level in their cooking experience. From smart connected multicookers to simple one-touch coffee makers, Chefman is dedicated to making people’s lives in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. To accomplish this, we have assembled a team of passionate and committed people on a mission to impact the world one kitchen at a time. We put our hearts and souls into producing an innovative and helpful kitchen product assortment that takes the pain out of meal preparation and adds joy to people’s lives and social experiences. These hardware products coupled with intuitive and convenient software are loaded with authentic and engaging culinary video content provides home chefs with the tools they need to achieve picture perfect results with maximum efficiency.

Job Description

We are seeking a Product Testing Assistant who will be able to work with minimal supervision while administering and overseeing tests according to strictly prescribed guidelines and standards; The Product Testing Assistant will develop tests alongside the product testing manager, project manager and UX/UI department as well to ensure a smooth workflow.
Coordinates testing appointments and assigns proctor duties to ensure adequate coverage and efficient workflow.

Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Help develop tests for products with the product testing manager and project manager
    • Looking for someone who can help build upon these testing procedures and help the department develop and become more efficient.
    • Conduct tests on products with little to no assistance.
    • Record all data and results required during a test in a clear, concise and accurate manner.
    • Deliver clear and concise results of product testing (both competitive and not) to Product testing manager and project manager (if applicable)
    • Complete required documentation for each product as it goes through the development timeline to keep all on the product testing team on the same page
    • Ensure that all products are meeting market standards and will be consumer friendly
    • Work with the firmware and development team to help everyone better understand the needs of cooking performances
    • Work with UI/UX designers to ensure that products usability requirements and standards set by both the market research specialist and the product testing manager
    • Work with recipe developer to brainstorm ideas for the best recipes that can be made in each product, specifically for cookbooks
    • Give thoughtful and meaningful suggestions about product improvements based on testing experience
    • Conduct testing in a punctual and timely manner according to the schedule agreed upon by the whole team.


    • Competence in a test kitchen/testing environment
    • Skilled note-taking and knowledge of excel/word
    • Must have culinary experience and/or background, culinary school is a plus.
    • Engineering/Food science knowledge or background is a plus.