Brand Ambassador / Coat Check Attendant - NYC

New York
Ambassador Program
Seeking talented individuals to be Chexology brand ambassadors for exclusive events and high-end venues. We need passionate and detail-driven individuals to manage our kiosks, speak to customers, spot and fix operational issues and manage teams. This is a great opportunity for resume-building and a chance to join an in-demand tech company.

We are looking forward to having you on board!

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Work with the Chexology software
    • Interact with our various clients (venues, event producers, brands, etc.)
    • Represent us at a kiosk where our technology is deployed
    • Utilize our technology to check items in and out
    • Maintain a tidy and organized check room; Reset check room each day
    • Be aware of all information regarding the venue you are working at
    • Be hands-on, interact with customers, solve problems (technical, operational, logistical) when they arise, and report back to us with insight (traffic improvements, new opportunities, difficulties)
    • Be responsible for your time, coach fellow teammates, and use technology to solve problems

The ideal candidate will:

    • Be passionate about our product and the tech industry
    • Get people excited about our company and our vision
    • Be outgoing, energetic, and work well in the fast-pace environment
    • Demonstrate a great attitude and self-discipline under pressure
    • Be a problem solver, detail oriented, and possess great organizational skills
    • Have curious intelligence to continue learning in the position
    • Have prior coat check, hospitality and/or customer service experience
    • Speak more than one language

Startup Fit:

    • A builder who grinds to turn dreams into reality through relentless determination, passion, epic highs, and a ridiculous work ethic
    • A continuous communicator, self­ learner, and change agent who can wear multiple hats while staying ahead of the game
    • Able to work extremely well on a cross functional team