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New York
Software Development

Company Story:

Paper-based systems suck. “Archaic” is how many of our clients refer to claim tickets. And yet, paper claim tickets make up a $2B industry in the US alone.

At Chexology, we’re replacing these problematic bits of paper with digital systems that provide benefits for all parties:
• Patrons can have peace of mind that they will get their items back in the same condition
• Attendants are able to check in and out faster, and the improved experience for patrons adds up to more tips
• Businesses benefit from valuable insights and new ways to connect to customers

Clients to note include Barclays Center, Webster Hall, American Express, the U.S. Open, and Nike.

We start by eliminating the claim ticket, then use that platform as a springboard to create new business. When we capture people coming and going, imagine how easy it would be to build a better foursquare. And when people trust their things with Chexology, we can enable peer-to-peer sharing rather than business-specific rentals.

Where we’re at

The company has 2 primary goals.

The first is to grow the coat checking business that we’ve established by making it as easy as possible to get up and running. That means doubling down on reliability, improving client onboarding and training, and improvements that make the product faster. This is all in addition to all of the things you’d expect from a maturing product - what do we do with the data that we’re now capturing, how can we provide more benefits to our clients - all while keeping support costs down, both in time and money; i.e., “but will it scale?”

The second goal is to eliminate the seasonality of our business by expanding into new markets. Organically we found clients that wanted to use our product for renting their items instead of storing others’ things. This, as well as valet and bag checking, are opportunities that run all year round, drastically increasing profitability.

That’s where you come in.

Who We’re Looking For

We’re looking for driven developers who already have a firm grasp on writing beautiful, well-architected, and tested code. This is so that we can instill more responsibility and accelerate your career growth. We love to see candidates that have a plan for the future, and know how Chexology can be a stepping-stone to that future. We want to be a part of that growth and will work with you to make that happen, ensuring your responsibilities are aligned, setting goals together, and regularly meeting 1-on-1 to make sure we’re on track.

While your responsibilities will be focused on pushing the product forward, that’s multi-faced between coding, hiring, understanding the needs from each side of the business, improving development and release processes, and [insert your experiences here].

An ideal candidate will come in ready to take ownership of a project and see it through to completion, from planning and ensuring that the requirements are well-defined, to development, through to a stable release and gathering feedback to iterate further.

The people who will stand out are constantly learning and improving themselves. They’ve not only seen the latest WWDC videos, but others too like AltConf, try! Swift, Cmd+U Conf,, etc. They’ve followed Apple’s MVC pattern and experienced the headaches that follow, mitigating those issues with better architecture decisions. Additionally, automated testing is very important to us, especially when businesses rely on our app to operate.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Work with Product Owners to define and develop products and features to help achieve our business goals
• Take ownership over production systems, releasing new code to them, and proactively managing them to ensure we’re meeting our engineering goals
• Work with other roles within the business to help automate internal business processes to help achieve our business goals
• Work with other Developers to ensure the quality of work being produced is at the standard we have set as ourselves and will achieve our engineering goals
• Be actively involved in setting reasonable sprint goals and achieving those goals on a weekly basis
• Be part of the on call rotation to fix issues if systems you own are not performing to the standards we expect for ourselves and for our customers
• Participate in providing constructive feedback on all things related to you, your role, and any tasks you undertake so we can build a better, more enjoyable, more productive business
• Continuously push development velocity:
>> Hiring: Sourcing and interviewing candidates
>> Improve development processes (building, testing, and releasing)


• Day-to-day familiarity coding in Swift 
• Deep knowledge of cocoa and the iOS platform
• Confident writing asynchronous code and using promises to avoid callback hell
• Comfortable writing unit tests and testable code
• Significant experience with REST APIs
• Knowledge of architectures other than MVC
• Works efficiently on a development team (git flow, PR, collaboration / pairing, sprint planning)
• Comfortable with the process of releasing an iOS App (Signing, Profiles, etc.)
• Stay up-to-date with latest Swift and iOS developments

The ideal candidate will:

• Have used cocoapods
• Be comfortable with Functional Reactive Programming
• Follow TDD

• Be able to communicate effectively, both between engineers and with the company as a whole
• Be able to work well in a team comprised of web, mobile, and hardware engineers, designers, and sales
• Be a self-starter who is passionate, determined, hard-working, and eager to ship product
• Thrive in a high performing culture: continuous self-learner, stays ahead of the game, can wear multiple hats and be a team player

Start-up fit:

• A builder who grinds to turn dreams into reality through relentless determination, passion, epic highs, and a strong work ethic
• A continuous communicator, self­ learner, and change agent who can wear multiple hats while staying ahead of the game
• Able to work extremely well on a cross functional team

Worried that you don’t fit this criteria? Don’t be. Your growth trajectory means more than your current skillset, and knowing your weaknesses is the only way you can improve! Just include a bit showing that you’re aware of your weaknesses and a brief plan of how we’ll work together to close that gap.