Content Production Specialist

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The primary role of the Content Production Specialist is to support the production and delivery of content for our practitioner and health coach training programs, as well as for our Adapt180 Health membership. Duties will include adding and updating content in our Learning Management System (LMS), auditing course materials, creating forms, managing and organizing files, and troubleshooting technical difficulties related to course access and delivery.  

We’re a passionate, engaged group of people committed to a shared purpose of ending chronic disease. We work hard, but we also value rest, self-care, and rejuvenation. Most companies pay lip service to this, but we’ve embedded these values within our policies and procedures—from flexible work schedules, to mandatory vacations, to a monthly wellness benefit, to a paid sabbatical, to free subscriptions to Calm. We’re a 100% virtual company, with team members spread across the U.S. 

This is a full-time position. You’ll earn a competitive salary with eligibility for an incentive compensation based on team performance and company revenue targets. You can read more about our company and benefits here.


    • Work from home with a flexible schedule 
    • Health insurance 
    • Emphasis on work-life balance
    • PTO, including 10 days of mandatory vacation (we strongly believe in the value of rest and rejuvenation)
    • One week paid sabbatical for personal/professional development, plus a $250 cash stipend the employee can apply toward whatever activity they are doing on their sabbatical. The activity need not be work-related—could be a cooking class, meditation retreat, etc.
    • $100/month cash fitness/wellness benefit
    • Paid annual subscription to Spotify (the team has a #music channel in Slack and we actively share music we like)
    • Paid annual Calm mindfulness app subscription
    • Professional developmentAnnual team retreat
    • Working with a team of passionate, purpose-driven, supportive people

Job Duties

    • Add and update content in the LMS
    • Audit course curriculum and identify errors
    • Create forms and use Zapier to connect them to other apps
    • Provide basic graphic design support (apply templates to handouts, etc.)
    • Manage tasks and projects in Asana
    • Troubleshoot student access and delivery issues
    • Organize company files in Google Docs and Dropbox
    • Support the Programs team with day-to-day tasks
    • Support the Marketing team on occasional special projects

Background & Qualificiations

    • Very familiar with Wordpress
    • Previous experience with content production preferred
    • Comfortable with basic graphic design (editing documents, applying templates, saving PDFs, creating PowerPoint presentations)
    • Experience with video editing a plus
    • Experience with learning management systems, Google Docs, Dropbox, Asana, AirTable, Apple Pages, Zapier, and PowerPoint preferred
    • Comfortable communicating with and providing direction to freelancers
    • Previous experience working from home preferred
    • Mac computer required (must have Apple Pages)
    • Reliable, high-speed internet required (preferably 100 Mbps download or better - you will be uploading and downloading large files)

Qualities & Skills

    • You are extremely tech savvy. People naturally turn to you when they have computer problems. You enjoy learning new software and can teach yourself new programs easily.
    • You take initiative. When given an assignment, you work diligently until it is finished. And if you don’t have a task, you’ll find something meaningful and important to do. You’re capable of working independently, but you also proactively ask questions when you need clarity or help.
    • You’re responsible, organized, and able to prioritize. When faced with multiple tasks, complicated schedules, competing agendas, or lots of loose ends, you bring order to your work. You prioritize strategically. You seek efficiency. You have systems that make it highly unlikely that you’ll forget a commitment or lose track of the details.  
    • You’re a team player. You know how to work well with others and you demonstrate consideration and concern for your teammates. You’re a source of inspiration and support to your teammates. You’re also easy to manage; you’re proactive about identifying challenges and opportunities for growth, and capable of responding effectively to constructive feedback. 
    • You are detail-oriented. You see all the “in-between” steps, think about the potential pitfalls, ask lots of questions, and find answers to as many of them as possible on your own. You don’t mind doing the routine--and sometimes tedious--work that is required to successfully deliver content on a continuous basis.