EDI Integration Engineer - Contract

San Francisco
Chronicled is building a blockchain-based solution for the pharmaceutical industry to help manage the chargebacks process. The industry utilizes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messages to communicate contract terms, chargeback claims, and credit memos with trading partners. We are looking for an experienced Engineer to help integrate our system with EDI 845 as a first step. This will be followed by integration with EDI 844 and 849 in the future. 

Please note this is a contract position with an expected timeline of at least 3 months. 

Task: Build complete microservice as per technical specifications to,

    • Retrieve contract information from Chronicled system
    • Store and transform information as needed
    • Generate EDI 845 message
    • Store EDI 845 file

    • Technical Details:

      The solution platform is event driven and EDI messages are created from RabbitMQ messages that contain a JSON payload. Therefore, transformations are from/to JSON. The deliverable needs to be embedded in a commercial product as a run-time library or as a  microservice that is deployed as a k8s pod. The consultant is expected to advise on the best library/connector/SDK to use for the purpose of licensing it in a commercial product that is delivered to pharmaceutical companies that are highly regulated.


    • 3+ years of experience in working with EDI 
    • 5+ years of software engineering experience
    • Must be proficient in Java or TypeScript
    • Must be proficient in RabbitMQ, JSON and JSON Schema
    • Must have experience with EDI parsers or connectors (open source or proprietary)
    • Familiarity with event-driven architecture, message brokers, and microservices preferred
    • Experience with system architecture is a plus
    • Must possess excellent communication skills
    • Must be able to work under very tight timelines
    • Must be good technical documentation