Front End Software Engineer

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Software Engineering – Applications
Full Time
As Front End Engineer at CiBO you’ll be part of a collaborative team of developers, data scientists, agronomists, and remote sensing experts. You will help build customer facing applications and our core platform to create, improve, and scale agricultural models. Our culture is built on cross-disciplinary collaboration, learning, and rapid prototyping. CiBO is a science-based company, so prepare to learn and invent with us! 
      Experience with complex data visualization or visual storytelling.
      Significant experience with testing, Agile, paired programming, refactoring and RESTful services.
      Experience with at least one each of functional programming {Elm, PureScript, Scala, Haskell, Erlang, Clojure, etc}, and a strongly typed language {Elm, PureScript, TypeScript, Scala, Java, Haskell, etc}.
      Extensive experience with a web DOM framework like React, Angular, Ember, etc.
      Solid foundation in computer science, including algorithms and data structures.
Bonus Qualifications:
      Experience with custom drawing, charting or animation in HTML5 Canvas
      Experience with build automation such as Grunt, Gulp, Brunch, Closure Compiler etc.
      Experience with human factors or human centered design
      Irrational love of Edward Tufte
      Experience with Scala.js, OpenGL, WebGL, or CoreGraphics
      Experience with DevOps, AWS, OAuth, NGINX, etc.
      Experience with or interest in classical and Bayesian statistics, math, computer vision, GIS, agriculture, or biology