Front End Engineer

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Engineering + Data Science
Full Time
As a Front End Engineer, you'd be a part of a collaborative team of developers, data scientists, agronomists, and remote sensing experts in focusing on Front-end Visualization. You will build engaging UI's to tell a story from complex, multivariate scientific data. Summon your creative talents and interview farmers and customers to help you design new and insightful data visualizations instead of the same-old charts and forms.


    • Experience with complex data visualization or visual storytelling.
    • Significant experience with testing, Agile, pairing, refactoring and RESTful services.
    • Experience with functional programming and type systems.
    • Experience building production-ready products with a front end framework like React, Angular, or Vue.
    • Solid foundation in computer science, including algorithms and data structures.

Bonus Qualifications:

    • Experience with custom drawing, charting, or animation in Canvas or SVG.
    • Experience with build tools like Webpack, Browserify, Gulp, etc.
    • Experience with human factors or human centered design.
    • Experience with creating geospatial visualizations.
    • Experience with Scala, Java, Elm, PureScript, OpenGL, WebGL, or CoreGraphics.
    • Experience with DevOps, AWS, OAuth, NGINX, etc.
    • Domain knowledge in math, stats, GIS, image analysis or the natural sciences.