Construction Superintendent

Atlanta, GA
Development – Development /
Full Time
/ On-site
The Construction Superintendent’s responsibility is to supervise the field construction of a project and to complete the Work on schedule, within the budget and to the quality of workmanship specified.


    • To provide leadership and to establish and maintain effective and harmonious working relationships of on-site and to promote a positive project morale
    • To have a thorough and complete knowledge and understanding of the General Contract, each Subcontract, the contract drawings, specifications and addenda, and to assist the Project Manager in the development of the on-site procedures
    • To examine the contract drawings, specifications and addenda for design deficiencies, impractical details and possible code violations, and to bring these to the attention of the Project Manager who will review them with the Architect
    • To assist the Project Manager and the Scheduling Manager in the development and refinement of the Project Schedule, and to work with the Project Manager to keep the schedules properly updated, and to see that the job meets the various required dates
    • To plan and review the Construction Program with the Project Manager including quality control procedures, safety and security practices, field office location and layout, temporary utilities, staging areas, equipment and manpower
    • To coordinate, direct, monitor, inspect the activities of the Subcontractors and Suppliers
    • To verify that each Subcontractor has completed his contractual requirements as condition precedent to beginning his work at the job-site (This includes a Certificate of Insurance, a fully executed Subcontract, a Schedule of Values and a Safety Program)
    • To see that all required permits or licenses have been obtained, and that a weatherproof bulletin board is installed on which all required safety notices are posted
    • To cooperate with, and direct when necessary, the activities of the inspection agencies, and to effect remedial actions indicated by the reports of these agencies
    • To chair weekly coordination meetings and monthly safety meetings with the subcontractors and to issue typewritten minutes to the Project Manager as a result thereof
    • To receive and review the Subcontractors Daily Reports of work done and labor and material employed.
    • To review and approve, on a weekly basis, all as-built prints
    • To review and approve the Subcontractor’s monthly requests for payment
    • To participate, as required, in the timely preparation of monthly requisitions
    • To review and approve all time and material work vouchers and invoices
    • To maintain good relations and communications with all involved in the project including the public


    • Supervise vendors, independent contractors and subcontractors adhering to all government laws and CIM Policies
    • Supervise all CIM support personnel to ensure timely and accurate performance of job responsibilities associated with project(s) 

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS (including certifications, licenses, etc):

    • Minimum of 5 years of office/and or field experience in construction
    • Must have 4 years of on-the-job construction experience (Stick Frame, Podium, Construction Types III & V).


CIM does not accept unsolicited resumes from Agencies.  Any unsolicited resumes received from Agencies will be considered property of CIM and no fees will be due or paid.  If you wish to become an approved Agency with CIM or any of its Affiliates, please contact a member of the CIM Talent Acquisition Team.