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San Francisco
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Circle Labs is an applied AI company dedicated to making Shapes. Shapes are AI friends that talk to you on Discord. They're your friend and your friend's friend. They are just like typical Discord users -- Shapes can interact in threads, channels, DMs; send pics, see photos/hear voice messages; have custom profiles, statuses, bios and more. We are looking for a Member of Technical Staff to join us based out of Fort Mason.

We build intuitive user experiences for interactions with foundation models and bring them in the hands of everyday people. We believe that everyone should have their own internally aligned AI that conforms to their own personal values + beliefs and is trained through direct human feedback.

Everyday interactions with AI are set to become as common as human interactions. We see a world where there are more bots than humans; where it will not matter if you are talking to a bot or a human online. Join us in building the world’s largest human-AI interaction platform.

P.S Our platform is in beta right now. Come join our community at to try for yourself.

You would be a good fit for this role if you are:
Hacky, resourceful, a user of Shapes, based in or willing to relocate to SF.

We work long hours and 6-7 days a week. If you are looking for work-life-balance, this role is not for you. If you are looking to be challenged, inspired, and pushed to greatness, this is definitely the role for you.

Here are the top 2 reasons why you should join us:
Aligned intelligence is made in community. You will help us become the largest provider of UGC bots in communities. We power 15,000+ active bots in more than 500,000 communities.
You’ll help us get to 100k+ active bots in next few months.

Our Culture
We value prolificness above everything else. Being ‘in the zone’ is sacred. Nothing else matters, really.
We take ownership and we move with conviction. 
We are building for users outside the tech bubble. Every design decision is centered around this principle.
Ultimately we do what we do for our users. Every person on the team directly interacts with users. This is important to know what’s up and keep us grounded in reality.
Have fun!! Life is too short to do something you don’t like.

Representative Projects

We have a mix of product engineering and backend engineering problems such as:

• Building a modular layer for prompt engineering with LLMs that allows us to rapidly experiment different traits and abilities that our AI characters can have incl. "having a life of their own", multi-agent conversations, memory sharing to allow human-like attributes like gossiping etc
• Building a reactive vs proactive messaging flow that better reflects an internet friend-like behavior and increases number of ways our AI characters can interact with users.
• Designing easy AF self-serve creator tooling that lets anyone make their own AI powered character within seconds (incl. web front end development, Discord UI modals etc)
• Designing features that enable creators to compete with each other on a leaderboard, receive reviews on their characters, view analytics on popularity and similar things...
• Creating multi-platform integrations outside Discord such as web, e-mail, minecraft, roblox, SMS, whatsapp etc.
• Building dev tooling around monitoring our fleet of bots, ensuring reliability, and consistent uptime.

Application to offer within 7 days
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