Communications Analyst, Safety Operations Center

New York City
Citizen is hiring. We invite you to apply for Citizen Bootcamp, an intensive training program for candidates who may be qualified to join our Safety Operations Center.

Our mission is to protect the world. We are building a global safety network of people protecting each other.

The Citizen movement is powered by technology that generates instant alerts about crime and other emergencies - as they occur. Each incident on the platform creates a temporary local network of people who use the Citizen product to protect each other, broadcasting live video and communicating with others nearby.

Our technology is operated by a team of talented analysts who collect, process, and translate crime and emergency signals for the Citizen platform. The Citizen Safety Operations Center protects New York, the SF Bay Area, and will soon launch in several other cities, providing real-time safety alerts to our users.

We're inviting qualified applicants to apply for Citizen Bootcamp, an intensive training program for our Safety Operations Center.

Those who successfully complete the program will join the team as analysts. Please note that we run a 24/7 operation and new team members must have schedule flexibility to take on overnight and weekend shifts.

We need people who are resilient, resourceful, and mission-driven. We're a startup; things move fast. We need you to be adaptable, to think on your feet, and to be focused on the team's success, while constantly striving to improve your own abilities.

Are you our ideal candidate?
If so, you probably have a background in public safety, journalism, writing, or another creative field.

Regardless of your education or work background, you must be

    • a native English speaker
    • an excellent writer with flawless grammar
    • conscientious, demonstrating a high attention to detail

    • Many people on our team enjoy creative and analytical work, and thrive in roles that require both.

You also might:

    • have an interest in maps and geography
    • like police scanners
    • be an active user of the Citizen app
Citizen Bootcamp
Our two-week training and evaluation program is conducted in New York City. The learning experience is interactive, and covers all of the technical skills needed to operate our technology.

If you would like to be considered, please follow the instructions on the next page carefully.

Citizen is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all.