Head of Community Engagement

New York City
The Citizen team is growing and building our community engagement team. We’re looking for passionate, hardworking, and mission driven people to help take us to the next level and launch multiple cities in 2018.

Our New York City office is the center of our operation, and the hub of all community strategy and engagement. As the first member of Citizen’s community engagement team, you will play a key role in developing our community strategy and define how we engage with the community at a hyper-local level. Your role is all about growth -- building a self-sustaining local network of engaged users who will use Citizen and spread the word. Your work will directly help make people more safe and aware.

Citizen is building a global safety network. We come to work every day to keep our users safe and informed. In under a year 2% of NYC uses our app every month and our growth is accelerating. In October we launched San Francisco and over 1% of San Francisco has already joined the Citizen safety network.  Citizen is geo-restricted to only 2 cities and is already a top 10 global News App on the App Store. We are backed by Sequoia Capital and Founder’s Fund.

Role Description

    • Identify, document and establish relationships with key local stakeholders
    • Facilitate two-way communication between Citizen and the local ecosystem (e.g. community members, city officials, law enforcement and local organizations)  
    • Gather and synthesize feedback from the various stakeholders in the community Develop education and ambassador programs to drive awareness, engagement and make an impact   
    • Participate and monitor online communities, including local Facebook and focus groups
    • Attend, host and/or sponsor town hall meetings, meetups and other events to engage local communities
    • Identify and participate in PR opportunities to articulate Citizen’s mission and role in the community
    • Support the operations team in advance of new city launches

Required Experience

    • Collaborating with a variety of local organizations and stakeholders  
    • Demonstrated experience creating, launching and executing grassroots campaigns
    • Proven track record of creating impact in local communities
    • Experience communicating effectively across mediums with a diverse set of stakeholders
    • Ability to set, manage and analyze a range of KPIs to measure performance and inform strategic decisions  

You Are

    • A self-starter -- constantly looking for the next project, big or small. You can take direction, and in the absence of direction know how to take action
    • A hard worker -- who is happiest when you’re busy. You work until the job is done and thrive in a deadline-driven environment
    • A team player -- always open to give and receive feedback, help when and where you’re needed. And you love when the mission is bigger than any one individual
    • A dreamer -- with big ideas and plans of how to make them achievable. You’re never happy being stagnant and are always thinking about how to take the team to the next level
    • You’re passionate about the world around you -- and feel fulfilled when you’re giving back to your community. You want to make a difference
About Citizen
The need has never been greater for technology that informs and protects the public. The Citizen app empowers people with information to help keep their families, communities, and cities safe. Users receive instant notifications every time a crime or other major incident is reported near them.

Our mission is to increase every person’s situational awareness when it matters most. When lights and sirens race past, a lack of information too often breeds fear. At Citizen, we replace that fear with information that helps our users navigate their world safely, knowledgeably, and with the confidence that Citizen will notify them when potential danger is near.

Citizen first launched in New York City in March 2017, and in San Francisco six months later. Our community has grown rapidly. Citizen now has more than 180,000 active users. We have sent over 11 million notifications notifying users of emergency situations in their area. We’re currently growing our team and expanding to multiple cities in 2018.  This is just the beginning.