Powered by People Voter Contact Data Contractor

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Civitech is hiring a full-time (40 hrs/week) contractor to support data operations for its client, Powered by People, which was started by Beto O'Rourke in 2019. Powered by People organizes volunteer efforts that are targeted at reaching voters that can help flip the Texas State House in 2020. In this role you would manage data for Powered by People's voter turnout efforts for the November 2020 election. This position would start immediately and go through the end of November 2020. You will be compensated $7500/month.

In this role you'd be responsible for managing all of the data infrastructure and requests for a statewide voter contact program.

Responsibilities include

    • Pulling lists daily and loading and exporting into and out of phone and technology solution.
    • Report results and analysis as requested by client leadership team members.
    • Provide technology support for Spoke texting program.
    • Work with other contractors on data coordination.
    • Fulfill short-notice data requests and reporting requests.
    • Manage flow of data between BigQuery and voter contact tools.
    • Automate exporting and processing of data from and to external stakeholders.


    • 5+ years of industry or political experience in data science or data engineering.
    • You possess excellent SQL skills, and are knowledgeable of different types of database structures.
    • You have prior experience with VAN.
    • You are experienced in working with large datasets across various databases.
    • Committed to leveraging data to elect Democrats and empower progressive organizations.