Senior iOS Developer

Mexico City /
Engineering – Mobile /
End-to-end corporate spend management for businesses in Latin America. We're creating the future of how company finances are run, starting with our credit card + spend management and budgeting solution. In the middle of the COVID pandemic we got the backing of some of the top global investors to help turn our vision into reality. We're looking for the best talent in the region (and beyond) to join us on this journey.

Job Description
We are looking a Senior iOS Engineer who will:
- Take responsibility for the entire development cycle of our apps.
- Introduce and maintain best-practice processes to guarantee high-quality apps.
- Develop, test, and review code, as well as be involved in discussing software design, architecture, features, and design.
- Design, develop, and enhance internal libraries to improve code reusability across applications.
- Mentor and help mid-junior developers to improve their overall coding skills.
- Create documentation for all our projects.
- Work with the Product team or Operations team stakeholders to understand and capture project requirements.

What we’re looking for

    • 5+ years of iOS development experience.
    • 3+ years of Swift experience.
    • Proficiency in Apple’s APIs, SDKs, and design principles.
    • Excellent understanding of the iOS platform, Xcode, REST web services, and Git.
    • Deep understanding of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.
    • Knowledge of various design patterns and ability to advise on choosing the right one to solve any given problem.
    • Experience with Agile methodologies.

We appreciate

    • Ability to leave insightful feedback for other team members, especially during code reviews.
    • Basic knowledge of creating interfaces entirely by code.
    • Basic knowledge of SwiftUI.

Soft skills

    • Excellent problem solving, organization, communication, and remote collaboration skills.
    • Good written English skills
We value
* Clarity - Open and direct communication
* Simplicity - Pare things down to the essential
* Ownership - We're all owners and act like it
* Pride - Make quality products we're proud of
* Always Be Changing (ABC) - Continuous self-improvement
* Inclusivity - We value each other for our shared mission and contributions to this mission

What are our virtues and why should we care about them?
* Virtues are helpful and desirable behaviors that help shape our company culture.
* These individual behaviors are what we expect of each other, and they should help us work better together.
* These virtues should be reflected in our output/products
* For anyone looking from the outside in it should be obvious, without us having to say it, that these are our virtues