Senior DevOps Engineer

Mexico City /
Engineering – Infrastructure /
End-to-end corporate spend management for businesses in Latin America. We're creating the future of how company finances are run, starting with our credit card + spend management and budgeting solution. In the middle of the COVID pandemic we got the backing of some of the top global investors to help turn our vision into reality. We're looking for the best talent in the region (and beyond) to join on this journey.

Job Description
CLARA's Infrastructure Team is looking for a highly professional, experienced, and wise DevOps Engineer to join us and take an active role in the architectural design alongside our teams of developers and data scientists to create, deploy and maintain complex banking and financial systems and services with the responsibilities and challenges that accompanies an environment like this.

Your main focus will be to provision the needed infrastructure, to always improve the efficiency and security of our systems, to analyze our constantly changing requirements and to collaborate with our team of data scientist on the design and implementation of big data solutions to provision a stable data analysis infrastructure for the company   

The main challenges and responsibilities you will face are:
- Support a critical financial system with a 99.999% required uptime
- Deploy and manage the infrastructure required to provide such a service in an automated way to avoid impact production systems
- Implementation of **DevSecOps** as the standard practice, security is **paramount**
- Deploying infrastructure as code using scripting tools such as Terraform, Bash, Python, CDK
- Architectural design and management of containerized services and microservices for the continuous improvement of our systems and applications
- Ensuring that our systems are safe and secure from any kind of threats, be it cyber threats or even internal threats
- Build, integrate and maintain tools for deployments to improve and maintain our CI/CD pipeline
- Resolve production issues related to our cloud infrastructure
- Testing, deployment and performance tuning of our services, microservices and applications
- Be able to collaborate with and lead teams remotely, not only locally
- Staying up to date with latest technologies and looking for ways to implement them
- Collaborate with our developers' teams to better understand their requirements and meet company's goals
- Generation of technical documentation related to our infrastructure, compliance and control are important topics


    • Strong background in Linux administration
    • Long experience using Git
    • Deep knowledge on networking
    • High technical skills on scripting using Python, Bash primarily, but not limited to
    • At least three years of experience on AWS overall services, including Big Data (Lake formation, Redshift, SageMaker, Athena, Glue....)
    • Terraform or CDK experience is required, either one of them
    • Ability to understand, fix or even improve code written in java, javascript, python and SQL, experience with NoSQL (Redis) would also be optimal
    • Experience on CI/CD integrations using Github and AWS
    • Experience with deployment of docker containerized services
    • Knowledge on IT best practices, specially oriented to security

Additional skillset

    • Be excellent at working in teams and good communication skills
    • Knowledgeable and good learner in different programming languages
    • Problem solver with creativity
    • Attention to details
    • Dedicated and beyond responsible in every aspect, after all, this is a financial institution
    • Be innovative, be excellent to others, be supportive, take initiatives
    • Strategic thinking, you will be part of long term impact decisions from the architectural design
    • Ability to stay focus, to set targets and to visualize ways to make them happen
We value
* Clarity - Open and direct communication
* Simplicity - Pare things down to the essential
* Ownership - We're all owners and act like it
* Pride - Make quality products we're proud of
* Always Be Changing (ABC) - Continuous self-improvement
* Inclusivity - We value each other for our shared mission and contributions to this mission

What are our virtues and why should we care about them?
* Virtues are helpful and desirable behaviors that help shape our company culture.
* These individual behaviors are what we expect of each other, and they should help us work better together.
* These virtues should be reflected in our output/products
* For anyone looking from the outside in it should be obvious, without us having to say it, that these are our virtues