Senior Full-stack Engineer

San Francisco

As a senior full-stack engineer at ClassDojo, you'll help build the systems and culture that will support our rapid growth. You’ll work on production code from day one, deploy often, move quickly, and have your work used by millions of students, teachers, and parents around the world every day. In addition, as an experienced engineer, you’ll help us further develop our high-quality engineering culture, one that values rapid iteration, collaboration, and best practices. Our code is heavily tested and deployed daily, and we’re serious about continuing to building a world-class engineering team, and the culture that goes with it.

Who we're looking for

    • You've worked with distributed systems at scale, and you know enough to design them yourself.
    • You’re thoughtful about what makes teams great, and about ensuring best practices in an engineering culture.
    • You're able to work closely with engineering and product teams to help them make good technical and product decisions.
    • You believe in and want to build a non-hierarchical, high-performing organization, with deep collaboration amongst engineers.

Bonus points

    • You’ve used Node.js at scale.
    • You've worked with MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, and/or Redshift.
    • You have significant DevOps experience, especially on AWS.
    • You're passionate about education, and are excited about having a transformational impact on tens of millions of kids' lives.

Some of what we're working on

    • Scaling: We're growing quickly, rapidly scaling our application and database layers to accommodate millions of users.
    • Big data: We analyze billions of data points to improve students' life outcomes, as well as inform business and product decisions.
    • Service-oriented architecture: As our codebase grows, we’re making our services more and more modular.

As a senior engineer at ClassDojo, you’ll be part of a focused team at an exciting, early stage. What's more, you'll be expected and encouraged to think beyond coding, to help define ClassDojo's direction: this is your company to build.