Customer Marketing Manager

San Francisco, CA (or Remote, US Timezones)
Here at Clearbit, our mission is to be the Growth Engine that pushes the edge of what's possible in marketing and sales. We build data-driven SaaS products that enable businesses to generate demand, act on intent, drive conversions, and retain and expand their customers. Today, Clearbit powers more than 1,500 B2B companies including Asana, Segment, and Atlassian.

This belief in meaningful growth extends to our employees. We invest in personal and team growth, valuing constructive feedback, and emotional intelligence. We aim to maintain a working environment of psychological safety, where vulnerability is not a weakness, so that it's easier to take creative risks, re-define what’s possible, and grow into the best version of yourself. Your teammates will push you to be your best (kindly) and ask for the same in return. 

2020 is an exciting time to join Clearbit. We're growing rapidly across the company, and are on track to double revenue for the third straight year. Going into this next phase of growth, we’re focusing heavily on maintaining our cultural values, training our managers into the best in the world, and having fun while we do it.

About the role: Google “Clearbit” or search for us on Twitter, and you’ll see that we have many happy customers sharing their stories about our products. We believe that our pleased customers are a competitive edge. As Customer Marketing Manager, you’ll join the Product Marketing team to help harness these perspectives to build a positive feedback loop of customer happiness. You'll be our resident customer expert, fluent on individual stories, discerning trends, and strategic about how to both nurture and leverage customers better. You'll work across departments to capture and amplify our customers’ stories, improve customer relations, and foster a customer-centric business.

Here's a sampling of things you'll do:

    • Run and scale up our customer reference program. You'll oversee and manage the pipeline for finding, vetting, and developing customer advocates. To create brand advocates who feel like a part of Clearbit, you'll build relationships with key customers who can participate in a customer advisory group, events, award programs, and more. 
    • Design and execute our customer events programs. Managing bi-monthly dinners and events for customers and prospects, with a focus on creating community and emotional engagement.
    • Help bring the best customer stories to life. You'll work closely with content and demand generation teams to build customer-driven narratives and expand the customer story’s footprint beyond case studies and website testimonials. 
    • Share your expertise and insights across departments to help Clearbit become more customer-centric. You'll provide quarterly reports on customer satisfaction trends and routinely on individual cases to Customer Success. As a customer advocate, you'll review product marketing's messaging to ensure it’s speaking to the customer.
    • Create systems and documentation on customer-related initiatives and engagement to be more efficient and improve internal communication. You're the conductor who knows what's going on in all the different parts and can direct people as needed. By enabling team members to understand what customer reference activities are taking place and implementing systems, you'll make sure we don't step on any toes and be consistent in our outreach.
    • Connect team members in sales, marketing, and product with the right customers and stories. Through your research and recommendations, you'll help source customers and stories for marketing (like for digital marketing campaigns or PR), sales (like finding a reference customer to speak to a prospect) and product (for product research). For example, you might connect product managers with customers willing to join quarterly product research and private beta testing initiatives.

How will you be measured:

    • You will work together with Product Marketing and Marketing team leadership to determine OKRs for each quarter. However, to give you a sense of what measurement might look like, imagine the following:

    • You’ll probably focus at first on vetting customers who have agreed to participate in the program. Next, you might have shared OKRs with the Marketing department on telling these stories in multiple formats (case studies, videos, events, etc.), and ensuring colleagues are updating Salesforce records with engagement specifics (across Sales, Marketing, and Product Management).

You’ll be set up for success if:

    • You have three or more years of experience in customer marketing and customer reference programs for the software-as-a-serve (SaaS) industry. You've done things like managed customer reference data, reported customer trends to customer success teams, and worked with other departments (demand gen, content, sales) on amplifying customer stories -- and had a creative hand in telling some of those customer stories yourself.
    • You put customers at the heart of your work and love helping companies do the same. You enjoy working with customers, sharing and leveraging customer stories, and connecting people with each other. You're adept at advocating for customers while moving stakeholders' needs forward.
    • You’re curious, resourceful, and quick to learn. You’re eager to dive in and solve problems, talk to people, do research, and then share what you’ve learned and turn insights into action. 
    • You have experience managing multiple projects with many stakeholders. You're organized to be able to keep track of many moving parts and flexible, willing to shift the proportions of your output as needed from, say, ramping up a customer reference database to helping teams execute on amplifying the customers’ stories.
    • You are a clear and effective communicator -- orally and in writing. You'll be working across many different teams and departments, as well as on a remote team, and with customers. Therefore, great communication is critical, both in terms of keeping stakeholders well-informed and documenting thoroughly for when we aren't online.
    • You thrive when able to self-direct. You’re looking to work with a startup where you’ll be responsible for the impact you make and have a lot of autonomy. It will help if you’ve either been a part of a new customer marketing department or helped revamp an established one.  
    • Bonus points: you have experience working in the marketing automation (or martech) industry you have experience in content marketing or telling stories in any format 
Hard skills are great, and we do expect a certain level of experience, but more importantly we're looking for someone who can learn on the job, loves solving problems, is adaptable to change. Our priorities can change, new exciting ideas can surface and we have many different products and areas of scope. We’re very interested in building a team consisting of people with a wide range of experience, backgrounds, and interests.

Clearbit Values
Care (Give a shit) Empathize with customers. Take the time to understand their frustrations, needs, and desires.
Craft (Master it) Own your craft. Never stop learning and improving.
Team (Work together) Teamwork makes the dream work. Fill gaps. There’s no such thing as “it’s not my job.”
Truth (Say it) Be upfront and candid. Say it like it is. Hold yourself and others accountable.
Initiative (Be resourceful) Don’t wait for permission. Figure it out — or figure out who can.
Fun (Have it) Don’t take yourself too seriously — life is short.

Clearbit is an equal opportunity employer. We value and celebrate how you identify, who you love, the color of your skin, your age (at heart and on paper), the gods you do or don't believe in, and every other belief and characteristic that make you YOU. The more inclusive we are, the better we — and our work — will be.