Infrastructure/DevOps Engineering Team Lead (100% Remote)


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DevOps questions

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We enjoy healthy discussions to help us pick and develop technologies within Please summarize your opinion about *ONE* of the following questions:

  • # 1. What benefits and/or drawbacks have containerization technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and Mesos brought to the field of DevOps.
  • #2. How would you determine if open source monitoring tools like Prometheus, Grafana, Sensu or a commercial solution like Datadog or New Relic is the right choice for your company?
  • #3. We have a combination of MongoDB and SQL databases for various components. What are your thoughts on NoSQL vs SQL databases. Is there a place for both, does one have clear advantages over the other, or does it just come down to organizational preferences?

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  • Are there any circumstances preventing you from traveling internationally to a week long team offsite twice a year?
  • Describe your experience working remotely (How many years, 100%, part-time, etc.)

Eng Leadership

  • 1. Please describe your experience managing/leading teams. How long have you done it? How many direct reports did you have? What was the team structure?
  • 2. Please briefly share 3 management tips or philosophies you believe are key to effectively leading an engineering/ops team.

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