Content Creator

** Disclaimer: We have recently filled this position and are not actively hiring for this role at the moment. However, we are still taking applications for future openings.

About Us!
At we’re building the sales communication platform of the future! We’ve built a next-generation CRM that eliminates manual data entry and helps sales teams close more deals. We are hiring top talent to help us unify the world's sales calls and emails into one beautiful workflow.

About You!
Are you enthusiastic about entrepreneurship, the hustle, startups, and excited about the prospect of diving deep into the world of sales, SaaS and building businesses?

Do You:
* Have experience working with B2B SaaS startups?
* Love the art of writing?
* Meet your deadlines?
* Have at least 2 years experience creating & publishing content online?
* Have impeccable grammar, know your Oxford commas and leave no typo uncorrected?

Are you:
* Great at structuring and organizing content?
* Detail-oriented and care about the little things?
* Able to take a step back and create captivating, web-friendly narratives with irresistible hooks and attention-getting headlines?
* Appalled by the quality of this job description?
… Then we’re looking for YOU!

What you’ll do:
You’ll help create some of the best sales-related content on the web! You’ll craft content that a new generation of sales people will use to improve their sales game. This is not the obnoxious, pushy and ruthlessly selfish ‘fake’ sales person of the 90’s but the kind of salesperson who creates real value and big wins for both themselves and their customers.

You will:
* Create blog posts from scratch
* Turn half finished posts into complete posts
* Brainstorm and bounce ideas around with other team members
* Enthusiastically give & receive candid feedback
* Ruthlessly tear apart other people’s work if required for improvement (and you’re good when others do the same with yours)
* Rewrite existing blog posts for different mediums and channels
* Curate posts on our blog on specific topics (e.g. how to do sales calls) and turn them into one coherent book
* Create shareable snippets, excerpts, quotes, summaries, teasers & descriptions for each blog post
* Find relevant data/research/case studies to add to the posts
* Update & improve already published blog posts by finding interesting snippets, facts, anecdotes.

Why you’ll want to join us!
We’re a very small team doing very big things. Become part of a hard-working team focused on the things that matter. Your work will make a huge impact, your voice will be heard.
You’re not just creating content for the sake of content. You create content that changes lives for the better. Every months hundreds of thousands of people get in touch with’s content. Every single day, we get responses like these:

"As a startup in development phase,'s sales course is invaluable!" - Adam Lewis, BounceHero
“'s startup sales course is the only email newsletter that I never just archive or add to my reading list for later. I read it as soon as it hits my inbox.” - Taruna Manchanda, Visual Website Optimizer
“I LOVE Steli's sales book! I've been in sales for over 10 years and there are still tips and tricks I've learned.” - Derek Nickerson,
“In a world of mundane bullshit webinars that was in all honesty pretty kickass. It's about time that a salesguy with a sales attitude conducted sales training.” - Lino Viereck, Senior Enterprise Account Executive, PeakEmployee, Inc
“Your blog is hands down THE BEST resource and has been a lifesaver for a Sales newbie like me countless times!” - Gabi Barbosa, Driftrock
“Steli's advice on positioning LaunchDarkly for the absolute biggest pain points was so useful. By narrowing our focus, I closed our first paying customers after talking with him.” - Edith Harbaugh, CEO and Co-founder, LaunchDarkly
“Steli's totally fucking awesome talk at MicroConf gave me the motivation and the tools to start following up with my customers and that has already translated into better discussions and fewer dropped emails.  Thanks, Steli!” - Dave Rodenbaugh, SupportVine

If you have high standards and want to create content that rocks (rather than just being indexed by the search engines and shared on social), this is for you. Have an idea for a better content format, or a topic you want to feature? Go with it! You’ll have the creative freedom to explore. You get to work remotely and set your own hours. We don’t care how many hours you spend, we care about the work you deliver. You’ll enjoy a very competitive salary with the possibility for real growth.