HR & Business Administrator (100% Remote)

North America

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HR & Business Admin Questions

  • Record a 60 second video telling us who you are, your background and why you’re the best person for this role. Paste the link here with the appropriate settings for us to view. We recommend using loom.
  • Regarding business operations, what have you found are the greatest challenges in running a remote-first company?
  • Without googling - in your words, explain the difference between an HMO, PPO and HSA?
  • What tools are you most familiar using in your day to day? (Slack, Zenefits, Microsoft Office, Dropbox etc.)?

General Questions

  • Where did you hear about this role?
  • What countries can you legally work in? (Please explain if you have a visa)
  • What time zone are you located in?
  • Are there any circumstances preventing you from traveling internationally to a week long team offsite twice a year?
  • Describe your experience working remotely (How many years, 100%, part-time, etc.)
  • As we continue to grow, we want to hire individuals that can up-level our current team. What can you bring to the team on Day 1?

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