Customer Support Executive - Western/Central Europe (100% Remote)


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Customer Support Executive

  • In four sentences or less, describe your last customer facing position. (Key responsibilities, tools/practices used, and biggest learnings/takeaways.)
  • In the simplest way possible, explain the difference between: 1). (A or B) and C 2). A or B and C
  • In Close, what search query would you use to find all lead in California with a task due today?
  • In Close, a user is reporting that calls are coming in choppy/every other word is heard. What would you do to diagnose and resolve?
  • Say you wanted to send a Google Form submission to a Mailchimp list. How would you do it without coding?

General Questions

  • Where did you hear about this role?
  • What countries can you legally work in? (Please explain if you have a visa)
  • What time zone are you located in?
  • Are there any circumstances preventing you from traveling internationally to a week long team offsite twice a year?
  • Describe your experience working remotely (How many years, 100%, part-time, etc.)
  • As we continue to grow, we want to hire individuals that can up-level our current team. What can you bring to the team on Day 1?

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