Machine Learning Engineer

CAM Engine Team
Your Role

The role is a combination of research and implementation, and will consist of developing novel algorithms to solve real problems in machining and heavy-engineering.
This includes working with TensorFlow to develop and improve our model, working to improve how we generate our data set, and working with the algorithms that apply the model to achieve our results.
We will rapidly immerse you in both the old-school and the cutting-edge of the manufacturing world. Therefore, you should be intellectually curious and deeply interested in these new technologies.
You will have the opportunity to learn to operate, and have constant access, to industrial CNC machinery in our workshop.
We are looking for someone who has good communications skills, can collaborate well in a team environment, and with one or more of the following skills below.

Experienced Required

- Experience with TensorFlow
- Experience designing deep neural network architectures
- Experience in GPU and CPU optimisation is a plus, not an essential
- Understanding of vector and 3D maths
- Understanding of computer architecture
- Understanding of statistics
- Computer science background