Senior QA Analyst (Remote)

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Codelitt helps companies build new products and solve their most pressing problems with the speed, technology, and innovation of a startup. We are passionate about improving the lives of our users through the products we build.


At Codelitt Incubator, we design and develop innovative new products that solve pain points or fill a need for its users. This requires leading and managing teams of designers, engineers, QA testers, and user testers to ensure regular creation and delivery of value.

Leading and managing a product also means working with the client and their users to gather requirements and feedback, distributing tasks based on skills and priorities, managing expectations and over-delivering on each milestone, and working with the different departments to continuously improve our processes and deliver results.


    • Quality Assurance:
    • Have a QA strategy for the project you are working on
      Ensure work is carried out according to expectations & acceptance criteria
      Thorough review of design
      Thorough review and testing of software
      Coordinate feedback from everyone that is testing the product
      Ensure feedback and trends are added to the backlog
      Ensure quality is being delivered at all times
      Adhere to industry best practices, especially as they relate to lean and agile methods
      Be proud of the work your team delivers

    • Client Relations:
    • Engage users to test across all stages of product development
      Understand client (more importantly the client’s users) needs
      Understand and communicate product vision and strategy
      Understand and communicate goals, milestones, and deadlines
      Communicate the details of releases
      Listen to clients and learn from their expertise.
      Understanding that they know their industry, business, and users better than us.
      Gathering feedback on our deliverables but without requiring the client to bring solutions.
      They share their pain or goal, we provide the solution.
      Manage expectations.
      Under-promise and over-deliver.
      Keep the client as close to the truth and reality as possible by being transparent and building open lines of communication.
      Help clients with demos, reports, and any other material that helps them communicate progress and wins internally.

    • User Support:
    • Onboard and train new users to the platform.
      Manage user support tickets.
      Learn from user feedback
      Help ensure the product direction reflects users’ needs


    • Education & technical background
    • Bachelor's Degree, preferably in tech or management or related experience.
      Hands-on experience in QA (5 years of experience)

    • Leadership Skills
    • Leads by example
      Motivates the team
      Takes responsibility
      Driven, ambitious, & self-motivated

    • Proven work experience in quality assurance
    • Excels in process, planning, and time management
      Able to set and organize clear priorities

    • Communication skills
    • Fluent in English
      Understands the product and the client’s requirements
      Understands user/client pain points
      Ability to present/communicate solutions

In 1 Month, you'll:

    • Become familiar with our processes
    • Become familiar with the product you’ll be working on
    • Meet as many people in the company as you can

In 3 Months, you'll:

    • Transition onto and manage QA for at least one project
    • Help improve and document the QA processes
    • Share knowledge (articles, courses, etc.) with the rest of the PM department
    • Test QA and PROD releases and provide a quick feedback loop

In 6+ Months, you'll:

    • Manage an additional project's QA depending on workload
    • Define and document QA strategy and best practices
    • Introduce automation where possible 
    • Train others how to test and provide feedback
    • Work with all departments to improve quality upfront
    • Provide reports and metrics on the status of our quality 


    • 100% Remote - The flexibility to work anywhere you prefer and feel most productive
    • Competitive salary, based on location and years of experience
    • 30 days PTO, plus company-wide holiday break in December
    • Flexible sick leave
    • Healthcare benefits, including dental and vision (US only)
    • Maternity and paternity benefits
    • Collaborate and learn from the best and brightest in product development, including design, engineering, and more
    • Numerous team building events throughout the year to unwind and get to know your awesome teammates

We will be in touch as soon as possible if there's a good fit. Thanks for your interest in Codelitt!

Note: We are not interested in working with recruiters or any agencies (design, engineering, etc.) at this time.