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You're in high demand. We get it. The best people always are. So what could we possibly say to stand apart from the others also competing for your talents?

We could tell you that you'd be on the ground floor of one of the hottest new startups in Silicon Valley. We could tell you how we’re completely changing how millions of developers read and understand large-scale systems forever. Maybe most people will find this pretty compelling. But you're not like most people. So why us? Why this opportunity?

Because this is everything you've ever wanted in a job:

It’s solving a problem in the hottest market while owning an incredibly compelling story. Developers spend 60% of their time, day-to-day, reading code to understand how their system works, and building up massive amounts of context in their heads to do it well. We believe it doesn't have to be this way.

CodeSee is building developer tools that get that context out of developers’ heads — allowing them to more easily understand the code in front of them and focus their mental energy on getting stuff done. Our mission is to help anyone master the understanding of large codebases. And we mean anyone literally. We need you to help us take the stories from developers all over the world, backgrounds, and skill levels who feel this pain, and craft a strategic narrative that will resonate and support them.

It's the team you’ve always wanted. It's working with founders who care about marketing and deeply understand its importance. It's working alongside some of the brightest minds in tech, who despite being proven leaders in their field, remain humble and helpful. Accomplished colleagues who can communicate clearly and effectively and who embrace your contributions with an open mind and no ego. It's about enjoying your work alongside a team of dependable, emotionally mature colleagues, who thrive in a collaborative environment and are excited by what they're doing every day.

It's a work environment you’ve only dreamed of. No, that doesn't mean pinball machines and beer on tap. It means being treated like the experienced, well-rounded, capable adult that you are. It's the freedom to explore new ideas without first asking for permission. It's the ability to experiment and take calculated risks without fear of failure because we know failure brings new insight. It's the opportunity to learn more, grow faster, and have more impact than you ever thought possible.

It's the company culture you've been longing for. It's being proud of where you work and knowing you are a part of a company with moral leaders, strong principles, and unshakable ethics. It's fostering a genuinely inclusive workplace where everyone is treated with respect -- and brilliant jerks are not tolerated. It’s a culture of transparency and trust where you are encouraged to pursue your curiosity and genuinely support your personal growth. It’s being trusted to make good decisions and being unafraid to take smart risks.

So again why us?

Because it's exceedingly rare to find a meaningful, challenging role that you genuinely enjoy, with an extraordinary work environment and outstanding company culture, and with the impact that's poised for explosive growth!  

Like, once in a lifetime rare.

And that's got to be worth a conversation at least, right???

So how will you spend your days? There are fundamental narratives to craft, stories to tell, products to launch, developers who need to know that code visibility is the future. There are key user experiences to cultivate, nurture and innovate on. There are best practices to solidify and systems to set up. You’ll be establishing the foundation for a world-class developer marketing department. You'll own messaging.

Who are you?
* Passionate about developer tools while remaining obsessively focused on making developers’ lives easier and empowering them with new capabilities and insights.
* Must have been the first marketing hire previously
* Must have excellent project management skills
* Have experience in product-led growth / and creating a bottoms-up developer marketing program
* Care deeply about developer experience.
* An insightful problem solver, capable of autonomously defining and executing on a technical vision, but eager to collaborate on it.
* Excited to join a pre-A startup, and clear-eyed about the scrappiness, flexibility, and resilience that it requires.* Have refined, effective communication skills when collaborating with your teammates. You enter discussions with humility and maintain a focus on data and outcomes.
* Are adept at having difficult conversations and providing uncomfortable feedback in a supportive way. And you actively solicit and embrace feedback from others.
* Deeply live iterative product development: balancing speed and iteration with quality and maintainability, and adjusting that balance based on the situation.
* Are biased toward action: you deliver results quickly and iterate instead of waiting for perfection.
* Are intensely curious, always learning something new or digging deeper to understand how something works, and you only consider work done once it has been tested and documented.

What do you know?
Marketing strategy:
* Set goals, plan, and prioritize across all areas of marketing in order to achieve high-growth business outcomes.
* A demonstrated method for creating and evaluating a marketing strategy
* Data-driven: Use data and other research methods combined with analysis to identify the key audiences for each offering, hone in on the messaging that resonates with each audience, evaluate the success of every marketing campaign and each channel overall, select how to adjust strategies to most effectively reach our key audiences. Must be able to analyze marketing data.
* Product Marketing: Gain a deep understanding of our audience, develop our positioning and messaging, and communicate about the product and its benefits to our audience.
* Growth Marketing: Launch, track, and optimize programs/campaigns across multiple channels to move prospects and customers down the funnel.
* Ability to build out the marketing function: We still need to build out some of our tools, processes, and workflows. You will need to help build this out, figure out what works, and test and scale.
* Marketing team management & hiring: Manage current marketing team, plan for future hiring, and hire marketers that are passionate about driving growth and telling our story
* Ideally has engineering experience, background or has successfully marketed a developer tools product
* Will own developer marketing messaging and will partner with Community and Sales teams to support their needs.

We understand that sometimes the best people aren't the ones who ‘check all the boxes’. We also value and support individual growth, which means not knowing something isn't as important as your ability and willingness to learn it. If you answer “yes” to the majority of the skills and traits above then you're someone we’d love to talk with.